NZ Couple wants a SUPERMAN Baby

It takes all kinds in this world and apparently I don’t take the cake for odd naming. I have kids named dijouri (after a didgeridoo) and Kevren, after the village of St. Keverne and Ron Kevern, a mentor of mine. Apparently this couple wanted to keep things real, by originally naming their newborn 4 Real, but it didn’t pass the naming rules of NZ.

Now the original idea is – what if it became a trend to have cool license plate like names – – agrav8 or 78 Stang. Think of the fun we could have Kewl Kid or RZR07, you could brand your kids. Brand as in logo, not scar – there will be enough scarring in life with a name like RZR or Dijouri – errr wait. Ok apparently I didn’t think ahead that there would be a cartoon called Digimon, admittedly I thought Digit might be a cool nick name – go immediately to math geek do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.  I got the nickname Golum and Sancho later in life – both are somewhat amusing stories, to other people.

In principle this is a growing challenge for individuality is increasingly over populated planet. I’m not sure what is a good name or a bad name, but I think culture and language are changing so quickly that all the old barometers are no longer viable. So our flat world is not only running out of IP addresses – apparently names as well.

All things are relative and typically where you predicts you views – so alas, as I left the greater Ann Arbor area after the birth of my twins to ATL, I felt a little more compelled to get a more mainstream name for my latest child, Prescott. We can’t all be super heroes, but we should all try to be super people and super tolerant. I look forward to the day we look back to superman being just another name…..  Alas – what’s in a name?

~! cheers

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