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Slide week continues with a lecture

You can’t say i didn’t warn you earlier in the week that this was slide week. I had way too much time while on holiday and just consumed so much content that I had to share. The other thing I was also doing a bunch of research on some stuff. The Lecture 7 presentation below on Branding is an interesting academic set of slides, which I hope are helpful.

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Dozens, Hundrends and Thousands OH MY!

I was talking to some friends of mine the other day and pondering what I should do here on this blog, mainly for input, since I can’t seem to figure it out myself.   Ultimately I find myself continuously in search of an original idea – not a whole lot of those out there these days, if any. It’s not so much the amount of available content, as it is the amount of non-original content centered on the modest number of content opportunities which exist. So I’ve been on this particular task for a couple of weeks since I realized that I want to participate online differently – specifically on a more personal level.

The main reason for the discussion in general, was my current ability to scale. I’m personally finding it difficult to scale with quality. In general, I think social media has a scale issue, not just from a technology framework perspective, but also as you focus on it as a topic theme. I think in general most topics/areas of focus have content scale issues, but the issue in social media is more acute.

A quick content analysis of key folks appears to validate that there are just a good deal on non-events and events which are leveraged to go back to the bag of tricks and highlight a key concept. Not a bad thing, in fact upon review some of the best writers in the social media space are effectively recycling content every 3-6 months in context of the latest Twitter outage or which new platform is where the cool kids should hang out at.

Back to the task…

Fundamentally how to scale a set of activities is always an interesting thought experiment and made for an interesting afternoon for the group. We circled the topic for a while and I paused to check twitter – glad I did. Wouldn’t ya know – the Gods of the Twitterverse presented a series of tweets by Amanda Chapel in the stream which addressed the scale issue. I have to paraphrase the tweet in question with over 140 characters, since the back function is disabled due to Twitter “stressing out”/service issues.

The cost of obtaining a customer/the profitability of the initial transaction is greatly diluted by the cost of service delivery over time. The delivery of customer service doesn’t scale.

True Enough! Sales transactions are the easy things for the most part of any initiative. We actually discussed this tweet for a while in and out of the context of blogging. A very productive exchange – each had their personal insights on the topic with a mix of varying industry experiences, company sizes and diverse set of current roles: operational, strategic and creative. So this one cat offers up the following:

Technology businesses are aren’t about the transactions, but the repeatable transactions and supportability of the revenue. Anyone can sell something to dozens, some folks can sell to hundreds, but the market leaders can sell AND support 1000’s.

So I’ve realized I’ve encountered a scale issue with how I’m participating online and I’ve seen a great number of businesses which have the same issues. Great ideas, great product, crazy transactional revenues, but no ability to scale the business. With the general realization/acceptance that blogging is no different, I’ll contiue my gedankenexperiment on focusing my content, but at least I have 3 questions I’m going to work:

  1. What content do I consume and where do I participate online? Quick quick scan indicates technology, people & the environment.
  2. What passions do I have? Family, politics, education and science.
  3. Where are there 1000’s? Where are there 1000’s of things to track? 1000’s of interested people?


50 Things I Like: An Exercise in Developing Future Content

I thought I would spend some time documenting the things I like, with a goal of identifying what I might want to write on in the future. Not unlike mind mapping, but more public – hopefully some of you will pick this up and use this exercise as well.

  1. Art – All kinds, the problem is I don’t have skills here.
  2. Signage
  3. Twitter
  4. Math
  5. Mountains
  6. A Spring Day
  7. Rocks
  8. Driving in Foreign Countries – It’s a challenge, it’s kinda like playing Gran Turismo 5.
  9. Business
  10. A good movie
  11. Trees
  12. Golf
  13. Eating outside – specifically on a Saturday in the fall at Zingerman’s
  14. Fried Cheese Products
  15. Reading a book while on a plane
  16. Home projects
  17. Gardening
  18. Maps
  19. Mojo Sauce
  20. A rainy Sunday during Shark Week – Does shark week still exist?
  21. Learning
  22. Teaching
  23. Rivers and Lakes
  24. Writing – notes to myself, email and this blog thing.
  25. Dogs
  26. Fishing
  27. Camping and Hiking
  28. Integrity
  29. Science
  30. BBQ-ing
  31. Rides in the mountains in the fall
  32. Identity Management
  33. Work – Yeah, I’m one of those – not only do I like work, I’m Puritan about it and dig my current gig.
  34. Geography
  35. Earth Science
  36. Chiropractors
  37. Astronomy
  38. Business Stuff
  39. Cool Stuff – All kinds, electronic gadgets, hats, the perfect Wok, windmills….
  40. Technology
  41. Applications
  42. Media
  43. Unions – more accurately, socialism and general economic theory
  44. Travel
  45. Education – How technology impacts education and as a discipline
  46. Sustainability
  47. Being Outside
  48. Parenting
  49. Canada
  50. Live Music