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Common Thought, a brilliant day and giving back!

I clearly meant to write this earlier, but been busy trying to figure out what the status of the day is with Heuer. I still kinda don’t know what’s up, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t honor the good work Creative Commons is doing. So while it is Blog Action Day and the kick off of the fund raising campaign for CC, I’m going to focus Fabiana Zonca’s photo below which I found via a “Thought” tag on Flickr.

Thinking of you by Fabiana Zonca.

Thinking of you

Also you can create a video on WHY it is important/you like it, you could also put up a widget up like I have or just donate via the widget on the right to Creative Commons.

Creative Commons? Be aware and support on 10/15

The momentum continues, a couple folks along with myself have just completed an effort with Social Media Club and Creative Commons to increase visibility for the groups and the creators which leverage Creative Commons licensing. This is one of the first deliverables in the Social Media Club’s 4 projects, increasing awareness and adoption for industry standards is central to the mission of the group. To that end, October 15, 2008 – TOMORROW – represents the first opportunity to evangelize the importance of standards and move this mission forward in partnership with Creative Commons.

So what can YOU do to help create more awareness around the important service Creative Commons provides? There are 3 ideas which certainly would help which have been bantered around, but I suspect the community can come up with more by October 15th. The key theme is just to identify a way to let folks know about the best practices around the sharing/creating of creative works leveraging a Creative Commons License. So which one of the below are you going to do?

  1. Post an article describing the services Creative Commons provides to content creators and why YOU think that is important.
  2. Add a widget to your blog to encourage financial support.
  3. Create and/or focus a creative commons licensed work via your preferred social media channel (Twitter, blog, facebook…)

So what are you going to do tomorrow? Doesn’t really matter, it only matters that you do SOMETHING.