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Shows on a Plane: Top 5

Business travel isn’t that great deal of fun so I make the best of it. Flights are my dedicated reading time – real books the whole tactile experience and everything. The book is a fairly elegant and enduring technology which I enjoy to use a must as possible. Ultimately I finish a book every now and again mid-flight, but I could always read the in flight magazine until recently, Delta Sky now has an RSS feed which reduces the reading options for me now since I read online.  To that end, I suspect I will see more movies and cooking shows when I finish a book mid-flight in future. To date, I’ve seen a good deal of blockbusters and crap (Hot Rod), but mainly it’s middle of the road stuff – not too good, not too bad TV or movies.

The mix of programming ranges from sitcoms to in-flight shorts, Delta created perhaps up to 4 fairly entertaining cartoons on being on a plane, 3-4 minute vignettes. Overall the in flight programing has a general audience feel about it and which makes sense since it’s a captive audience of unknown passenger make up. Apparently planes are a tertiary market for film targeting business travelers and vacationers.

So I spent some time thinking about what I have seen on a plane. To be exactly: What semi-precious gemstones of media have I picked up on along the way at 32,000 ft.? So here’s 5 items which I put at the top for various reasons:

  1. Notting Hill – I saw this on the way to the UK – this film is just one of those neat coincidences which burns into one’s memory. While this would be a movie I would never have thought I would watch, ultimately I would be wrong. Emily loves it and I’ve now watched it like 10 times. Damn you TBS!
  2. The Spiderman(s) – I watched ALL 3 for the first time on a plane. #3 wasn’t that entertaining, but the trip to Italy was great.
  3. The Wonder Boys – There is no other way to see this movie but on a trip to Seattle and a forgotten book.
  4. Becker – While not a movie, it was a really good thing to watch repeatedly on my way to New York a couple of times. It was like prep work, I guess that’s why I never really “fit in” in mid-town.
  5. National Treasure: Book of Secrets – I’ve seen the first one like 45 times, so catching it this month was cool. A reasonably good sequel.