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Recognize your prime as an opportunity to learn…

This is a guest-post from Kris Rowlands who blogs at Fresh Focus who was thought she might just write a guest post on one of the questions I asked to get feedback from folks.  Kris’ tackled one of the questions I proposed in crazy real-time.  This would certainly makes sense she blogs on productivity.  I struggled a little bit with the title, I didn’t know what Kris wanted, but I definately wanted to get it online, in the same rapid fashion in which it was created so I made one up.   It is a blend of a quote which Kris’ had on Fresh Focus and the question I asked.

“Be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur.” – Muriel Spark

Thanks much to Kris for the guest post below:

This was one of the questions that Jon posed to his readers. He was looking for someone to do a guest post, and I decided to be a victim!

So, building on the sentence above has proven to be a challenge to me. Picking one single experience would be hard. But, I’ve found a way to wriggle outta that box and put my own spin on it. – hang on for the ride!

The single experience is called LIFE. Obviously, living our LIFE allows us the grand opportunity to learn each and every day…..I hear grumblings in the audience……”GRAND OPPORTUNITY”??? Yep – you bet.

LIFE is a grand opportunity for many, many things. Meeting people, traveling, having a career……….but none of that is more important than the lessons that you learn along the way. Once a lesson is learned, and really learned, your rid of it forever. But if you hem and haw, don’t learn the lesson and repeat the pattern, they you aren’t learning a darn thing! In my opinion, our purpose, while on this Earth, is to learn and teach. You may not thing of yourself as teacher, but you truly are. The people that are involved with you learn from your experiences, trials and tribulations. They also learn from your joy, exuberance and successes. Everything that you do touches all the people that surround your life. The LIFE that they see you live is impressed indelibly upon them. Hopefully, they will learn from your mistakes, as you have……….and if they don’t, and follow in your footsteps, then you have the skills and ammunition needed to help them learn the lesson this time around.

My LIFE has been a university with a mixture of hard knocks, Masters’ Degrees and kindergarden. There have been easy, hard, and lengthy lessons to live……but I, as well as all of those around me, have learned from all of them. It seems, to me, that once I learn a LIFE lesson that someone will present themselves that is going through that same lesson so that I can teach them what I have learned – they say the best way to learn something is teaching another! And I have, many times.

Live your LIFE and learn from all the experiences that come into it. Don’t dread the leaps and hurdles that you will have – learn and grow! But most of all, try and retain all that knowledge that you learn – you’ll never know who needs it next!