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Delinquent for sure – but here’s the skinny

So thought I would do a summary based on my topic ideas, good news and bad.  The good news I had a great guest post from Kris and one on the way from Kim Howard over at Alz You Need to Know.  While we did get two guest post, one done and one on the way no one actually posted on any of the other ideas yet, so is life.  Having more than 10 regulars helps is my guess on that one…..

The other interesting thing is there will be a new writer here soon, more of a “sometimes blogger”, Sheryl Altschuler.  Sheryl and I have been working on a project for a while which should come out soon and this project has encouraged her to step over the line from traditional marketing to being a social media convert, which I’m leveraging into one of those walk the walk concepts.  This clearly wasn’t easy let me tell you, so WELCOME Sheryl and where is that about page you owe me? 🙂

Thanks for Kris and Kim for their efforts and Sheryl’s continued willingness to put up with my theoretical concepts.



Recognize your prime as an opportunity to learn…

This is a guest-post from Kris Rowlands who blogs at Fresh Focus who was thought she might just write a guest post on one of the questions I asked to get feedback from folks.  Kris’ tackled one of the questions I proposed in crazy real-time.  This would certainly makes sense she blogs on productivity.  I struggled a little bit with the title, I didn’t know what Kris wanted, but I definately wanted to get it online, in the same rapid fashion in which it was created so I made one up.   It is a blend of a quote which Kris’ had on Fresh Focus and the question I asked.

“Be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur.” – Muriel Spark

Thanks much to Kris for the guest post below:

This was one of the questions that Jon posed to his readers. He was looking for someone to do a guest post, and I decided to be a victim!

So, building on the sentence above has proven to be a challenge to me. Picking one single experience would be hard. But, I’ve found a way to wriggle outta that box and put my own spin on it. – hang on for the ride!

The single experience is called LIFE. Obviously, living our LIFE allows us the grand opportunity to learn each and every day…..I hear grumblings in the audience……”GRAND OPPORTUNITY”??? Yep – you bet.

LIFE is a grand opportunity for many, many things. Meeting people, traveling, having a career……….but none of that is more important than the lessons that you learn along the way. Once a lesson is learned, and really learned, your rid of it forever. But if you hem and haw, don’t learn the lesson and repeat the pattern, they you aren’t learning a darn thing! In my opinion, our purpose, while on this Earth, is to learn and teach. You may not thing of yourself as teacher, but you truly are. The people that are involved with you learn from your experiences, trials and tribulations. They also learn from your joy, exuberance and successes. Everything that you do touches all the people that surround your life. The LIFE that they see you live is impressed indelibly upon them. Hopefully, they will learn from your mistakes, as you have……….and if they don’t, and follow in your footsteps, then you have the skills and ammunition needed to help them learn the lesson this time around.

My LIFE has been a university with a mixture of hard knocks, Masters’ Degrees and kindergarden. There have been easy, hard, and lengthy lessons to live……but I, as well as all of those around me, have learned from all of them. It seems, to me, that once I learn a LIFE lesson that someone will present themselves that is going through that same lesson so that I can teach them what I have learned – they say the best way to learn something is teaching another! And I have, many times.

Live your LIFE and learn from all the experiences that come into it. Don’t dread the leaps and hurdles that you will have – learn and grow! But most of all, try and retain all that knowledge that you learn – you’ll never know who needs it next!

It’s a BIGG Network and A Real Pleasure

This is a guest-post from Mary-Lynn and George of the Bigg Success Show where she and George share their life, their interviews and years of expertise to their audience/listenership/readers. Yup, they have talent AND good things for folks to grok on – a radio reality check.

It is with great appreciation and respect that I post this piece, which well – made me blush and Emily is always reminding me that real people are just as valuable as “friends“, if not more valuable.

This post is really timely, since I’m posting this right now from the cabin overlooking a great morning valley view, getting back to basics – people, family and the outdoors.

Thanks for the post, the reminder and kind words. I did decide to put a couple of reactions inline, in bold/Italics, which could be considered editing, but thought I should share a little bit my reaction and Emily’s for y’all.

Merging Your Networking Worlds

We sure are social! Social networking and social sharing sites are among the most popular on the internet. We can make friends all over the world. Yet some people haven’t jumped on the social networking bandwagon.

At the same time, business networking groups are also growing. We crave interaction with other people and we’ve realized that there is tremendous power in our network. Yet some people have abandoned traditional networking for the most part.

We think it’s best to use both methods because each of them has its own significant advantage. (@emmyeg: “Told you so Jon”)

Social networking is more transparent

Social networking offers a significant advantage over traditional networking – networks are more transparent. For the most part, we can see each other’s friends.

With offline networking, you may see someone you know with a few friends or colleagues. However, short of a significant event (e.g. a wedding), you usually don’t see his or her extended group.

With social networks, you can browse your friend’s entire list of connections. You know all the people they know within that particular site. You can grow your base of friends much more quickly than you may offline.

Traditional networking offers fuller communication
When you’re online, you can LOL. You can :). There are ways to communicate who you are, but your true personality doesn’t fully come out.

If we talk on the phone, more of “you” comes through. Even better, when we meet in-person, your full dynamic is on display. That’s the richest form of communication.

We have a great example of this. We subscribe to Jon’s RSS feed for Spatially Relevant. We read every post. While a lot of Jon’s personality comes through, we’re glad we’ve met him in person and witnessed him giving a great presentation. (JG: Thanks for the feedback, I was completely nervous as it was my first social media pitch in public, but it was good to have both George and Mary-Lynn from a confidence perspective)

That’s where you truly see how energetic he is. You get the full sense of his fun-loving spirit. You see how truly brilliant he is (JG:blushes, not quite sure about that). Blogs, e-mails, instant messages, social networks, and all other forms can’t duplicate the experience of meeting someone in person.

Merge your networking worlds

Our point is this – merge your networking worlds. The real power in a network comes when your online and offline efforts work seamlessly together. You may be part of a virtual group that organizes a meeting in the real world. You can easily stay in touch with people online that you met offline.

Don’t stick your head in the sand … explore a social network or two. Don’t hide behind a computer … get out where the people are.

Because that’s the bottom line – networking, whether online or offline, is about people. It’s about building meaningful relationships. The richness of the human experience lies in experiencing humans.

(Emily: “Yup, so glad we met them, good people without a doubt”)