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A branded identity experience

So times they are a changing – the Yahoo and MSFT announcement represents an very interesting combination. It would represent one of the most diversified identity portfolios available with multi-category ownership. This could be the consumer equivalent of Oracle’s purchase of PeopleSoft only it impacts both consumer and corporate application markets. A best in breed approach to consolidation of social computing capabilities and identity could represent a whole new software application.

Got a Framework?

Microsoft Business Applications and Social Computing Platforms, post YHOO acquisition, represents an interesting set of assets which have access to multiple instances of identity. A consolidated user which manages Yahoo!, Flikr, MSN, Hotmail,, Dynamics, MyBlogLog and SharePoint in context of a single identity. Is identity management the next Killer App?

The Identity OS

The social computing cloud has amassed collective instances of identity – the ability of an organization to collapse identities across properties, while maintaining the previous brand and best in breed capabilities may represent the opportunity for a new market, Social Productivity Management. Consolidation of identity into a common framework of access, user experience and relationships can drive significant bundling opportunities for users and corporations alike. Doubtful you say? Yahoo has an open ID management service platform .

Key benefits will be provided to individuals and corporations. A corporation assumes attributes and influence of the user and vice-versa. An individual users quality of service becomes based on a complex matrix of identity attributes – (corporate spend, user spend, user influence…) Business application delivery and “global pricing” is also based on some crazy share of influence model which optimizes loyalty to brand(s) across consumer and corporate segments. The only question becomes who pays for which application, Yahoo! wallet is a pretty good payments engine.

The Microsoft Social Infrastructure Management Suite

Identity Branding Options

  • Yahoo!
  • MS Office w/Internet Explorer
  • MSN
  • SharePoint
  • Flickr
  • Xbox Live


  • Social Networking
  • Maps
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • SFA
  • SCM
  • WMS
  • TMS
  • Payments
  • Integration
  • Corporate Productivity
  • Mail
  • Business Services
  • Social Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Gaming
  • Application development platform (SOA and WOA)
  • Content Management
  • Corporate Collaboration
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Search
  • News

That last chunk of Facebook could be pricey.

From the stream: Transactional Identity and Communal Data

So I got to thinking about a link from Chris Brogan via Twitter. The link had a very interesting post on communal data and trust. Which got me to thinking about ownership, the right to assign and what owning an identity meant and what attributes are portable. Is identity essentially a concept/social construct, where a “user” is an identity instance or sliver effectively shared within the constructs of the service and within a service’s capabilities. As a user, we overtly agree to acceptably use the service with certain constraints. Can trust be a function of shared identity transactions?

Identity management seems more like a strategy than a portable data set. Is your virtual identity a branded repository or a repository of brands? Does user registration represent the transaction which established a shared transactional identity?

What a terrifically conceptual afternoon today has been thanks to Twitter.