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Moore Proof

While I read the Crossing the chasm speil on Apple after 32 years I’m not sure I was on board or even thought there was a bus to board. How can a silver of computing marketshare cross the open market chasm – in a word Marketing. Cool product helps too.

I’m all one for cool products, but for the past 15 years, I’ve been tethered to Intel and the productivity requirements for business. The last Apple I owned was an IIGS (?), yup I know a long time ago – but do you remember the game Oregon Trail on the IIE? Don’t get me wrong, my house has been Mac enabled and I have been from an OS perspective fairly promiscuous, jumping back and forth, using my wife’s when I was lazy or wanted to edit film. Well – I am now convinced the chasm may be in the Apple rear view mirror with what can only best be described as an early morning infomercial on the Today Show which was mainstream geek all the way.

When Al Roker and Matt are aware of the geek shortcomings, it might actually be proof of a chasm exit and of a product platform which is positioned for growth. Gotta go, my iPhone’s ringing and my iPod just finished syncing on my PC.