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Lessons Learned: Quit early, quit often

Seth nails the sunk costs considerations in technology when evaluating how to go forward or not:

One of the most important lessons they teach in business school is to ‘ignore sunk costs’. It doesn’t matter how much time or money or effort you’ve invested in something, if that project no longer makes economic sense, you should stop.

Another benefit of quiting early? You can avoid brand erosion and profit drag by quiting quickly. Sunk costs should also not influence pricing if you make it through the toll gates. Read the whole thing here, gets a little dippy and I’m not sure what “winged”.

He’s at it AGAIN!!!!!

So Brogan has once again “sucked me in” to write on one of HIS topics for ME/YOU. This time, he doesn’t have 100 – but 20 works. I’ll usurp one right now and 2 more look interesting, should I remember at a later date. So I chose #3 for a start.

#3. Share Five Friends– Show us five friends’ blogs and give us a blurb on why you like them.

This is a very interesting one, because normally I pass off a Chris (chris 1 and chris 2) blog on such request. The good news is I have no shortage of cool peoples blogs 5 blogs, 1 is loosely a “blog”, it has blog like capabilities and even has features called a blog, but I don’t consider myspace a pure play blog.


This is Adam Shapiro’s blog and he’s continues to keep up the content and actually shares some really good, practical, and pragmatic insights from his sales management, consulting and sales education experience. He’s also starting to meander off topic now which is getting more interesting – while I disagree with his assertion that the Blackberry Pearl is a good device, I do agree with him on google desktop.


Mark Resch’s phone game and blog. It’s nice to see things from people’s phones. I don’t know this for sure, but I think mophopro stands for MObile PHOto PRO. COMmunity. The idea is phone photos – fun. The Cathedral in Venice


David Daniels’ Product Launch blog. The business side of product management and product launch – he’s always been off topic and fun as person and as a blog operator. He’s the father of twins – like myself, and has an absolute passion for understanding information, organizations and products. He’s just one of those dangerous “knowledge consumers”. Good news is he simplifies and prioritizes his content to remain relevant and interesting, as a person and as a blog operator.

Stop, Drop and Roll

So it’s not really a blog, but it IS A CONVERSATION – a rowdy “yeeehaaw!” kind of conversation, but a conversation. What I like is they do have a desire to reach out and develop a community, plus the crazy clutter, background bluegrass and the “near seizure causing” look-n-feel is apparently NOT AN ISSUE. Not sure it proves anything, but graphics, easily read content and an appropriate use of negative space may just not mean anything.

Vacuum – EV in A2

I have not actually met Edward yet, but I intend on it on my next visit into A2, hoped to catch him over the holidays, but haven’t. This is a link blog – the interesting and the obscure. It’s more than links, more or less basically links, sometimes a paragraph or two. This guy works at his links. I recommend an interest in libraries and geography before you go, but you might just become a fan of either before you stop browsing the links. If you look real hard you just might find some interesting stuff on structuration theory.

Those are my five……but you could keep checking Leif’s blog, as I do hoping for another post. It has been more than a year of silence. I mean he took such care with the header graphic. You would think the Chris would have a corporate posting requirement at Cerado.

$1 Coffee a sustainable model?

So with the recent Starbuck’s test of a $1.50 short in Seattle and rumors of a $1 bottomless cup it could make it cheaper to consume more paper products and miscellaneous packaging. That being said – you can make your own coffee, here is the ROI to justify a crazy expensive espresso and cafe Americano maker. Not sure this model would standalone under the $1 pricing model.

Below is a baseline framework for establishing the benefits of brewing your own coffee, the model assumes you are financially responsible in part for someone else’s coffee too.

Benefit can be accelerated through more consumption and a lower grade coffee platform.