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Pretty Young Thing

Can’t Stop Listening to Music, I Guess That’s the Point

So my kids have recently become inundated with Michael Jackson songs, my iTunes spend this month is a little higher than normal, but I do think I own every Top 20 song by MJ.  Last night I found myself singing along with Pretty Young Thing and just laughing at Prescott dancing his ass off in the family room.  I guess that’s what it’s about – sharing fun and good times. Good music can do that and that’s what we got from MJ during his life.

I don’t have any “I remember when my parents bought me Off the Wall” or the first time I saw the Thriller video.   After a Panic show like when I was 34,  the house music after encore was Can’t Stop Till You Get Enough, 20,000 sweaty folks after 3 hours of music basically refused to leave when the lights came on, until the song finished.