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Built to Flip

So I was reading the latest Inc. Magazine online, because of some random content a friend of mine was able to do a quote for mediaTemple, which is how I found the article, “Anything Can Happen” a interesting little history lesson on Ev.   After reading through it I was somewhat amazed a the naivety of the author’s assertion that Twitter may be built to flip or at least passing on others might think this. On some levels, so what if it’s a exit focused start up, that being said Twitter’s micro-use case for business, public safety and personal communication are almost limitless, except for the 140 character thing.  Below is Max Chafkin’s thinly supported concept by “many others”:

Although some technologists think Twitter could one day be a billion-dollar company, many others say it represents the worst of Web 2.0: a company that is built to flip, that does little of value and has no long-term prospects as a standalone enterprise.

So relationships, information and minimalist technology may have little value in some circles, but it is quickly becoming the favorite channel for real-time communication for many. It is essentially a platform that levels the messaging playing field for people, businesses and potentially the government.


Twitter provides insights into where and what. Not an overly complicated use case – share where and what is going on RIGHT NOW in under 140 characters with your followers and keep in touch with the people you are following. Twitter allows for a voyeuristic view into random folks’ lives and friends alike.  It also services as an up to date new source with crowdsourcing of content and pushed content from legacy media outlets, such as the BBC.


This technology could be seen as best for a marketing channel, but I think it better suited for the service channel and effectively keeping your customers aprised on support issues, service availability and general FYI information without the requirement of going to a website with it being delivered to your phone. I mean think about it – an elevator pitch in <140 characters. Maybe a new product launch artifact will emerge called the Twitter Pitch, but in essence once you’re done, your done; unless of course every day has a new pitch, which might be a fun spoof profile.

Public Safety

Amber Alerts might be useful on twitter, reminders of an election day or severe weather alerts. Twitter represents a broadcast communications platform which could have many uses for an eGovernment initiative. I actually think the civic uses are endless.

I’m not sure where I was going with it, but in principle if Twitter can represent the worst of what is Web 2.0, then bloggers and technologist are all doomed since it would imply community, relationships and content has limited/no value.

From the stream: What do you expect from Twitter?

I’ve decided to begin leveraging Twitter as a source for research and extending my general awareness of the good stuff folks are producing/sharing with/for the community. I try and do Top 5 tweets, but this will be a little different, this will be a wander through information and concepts I never would have found out without Twitter. Thanks to Gaping Void, I found Confused of Calcutta, by JP Rangaswami and navigated my way to what he thought he would find on Twitter.

Over time every site, tool and network I’ve used/participated in ultimately changes from what I originally thought it would be, since I share similar, but different, relationships on many of these platforms I get different community views of content. I’m not sure what I expected to get from Twitter, but here is what I think it is good for:

For me: See what, where and to some extent why things are going on. I’ve been able to get a broader understanding of social media, marketing and news than I normally get on my own. Twitter is the by far the most diverse network I participate in.

People I’m Following: It give me a personalized view of micro-content which folks think is important. It creates a set of focused interactions where slivers of life and content are shared passively – it’s my choice to do something on the pushed content. I share weather, location and food, but others are more pervasive with their usage. Questions, Blog posts and human filtered news.

People Following Me: I have no idea what they are expecting, hopefully not that much, but I try to make this the medium where my life shines through, more so than any other platform I leverage.

There are a great deal of tools out there and all have different ways to be implemented by a given user, but key appears to be community oriented, as Mukund points out by posting Wodtke’s lengthy preso which winds through identity, reputation and relationships as attributes of communities, but also as markets.