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Twitter post 9,320,001

I had someone pass me a link to 15 Innovative ideas on whatever as it relates to Twitter in the stream yesterday.  After reviewing it I stopped to think about all the “Twitter tips” or “how to’s” I’ve read over time which is non-trivial.  I’ve definitely read a bunch and after a while it is fairly hard to get anything new from those posts.  So I set off to figure out if there were some new things out there.  As part of the effort I reviewed like 80 Twitter idea posts and most were the same concepts more or less.  So at this point I’m thinking innovative uses for Twitter with over 9,320,001 pages are going to be hard to find.  It was.

The search for the new Twitter use case wasn’t a waste, I did learn some stuff along the way and find a couple of folks who are now in my RSS reader which is upside.  The one thing I did notice is how the tips and ideas posts are targeted at various levels of user participation and Twitter awareness.

To that end,  I took some time to create a hype cycle view of using Twitter based on the tips and tricks I found during my clicking around.

Twitter User Hype Cycle

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