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User Stories: Agile meet waterfall, waterfall meet agile….

Agile Advocate did a series of fun videos with Playmobile characters. This video is an overview of user stories with the series characters – agile and waterfall. No matter what working with development in both Agile and Waterfall is a tough task. Here are links to the other videos in the series:

User Stories from Agile Advocate on Vimeo.

Mileage varies on the videos…

CAGR ENVY: Mobile Data Growth at 117% CAGR Through 2015

Coda Research Consultancy recently released some interesting  data on the growth of Handset data traffic growth.   Some interesting highlights:

  • By 2015, mobile video will account for 68.5 percent of all mobile data usage in the U.S. (or 224 petabytes/month).
  • An Estimated 95 million mobile handset subscribers in the U.S. will be watching video on their phones in five years
  • Mobile data revenues (not including SMS charges) are forecast to make up 87 percent of all data revenue for the carriers by 2015.

more details @  TechCrunch.