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AARP is raising it’s brand equity via YouTube

Never let it be said that AARP isn’t relevant and the brand’s awareness is limited and only known to those 42 and over or people who have the same name as their father and accidentally gets the cool magazine every now and again.  Welcome to the social media, where age is largely unknown and rarely given.  So not only can you get really good term life insurance or a recommendations for how to deal with Medicare part B or whatever – they are putting some pretty darn inspirational messages into the marketplace via YouTube with the video below.

I’ve never looked to AARP for messages about hope, the future and contribution, will now though!  Glad I found this on FriendFeed.

A little funneroo

Just getting back from Portland and with an extremely limited desire to post anything of substance, so I thought I would point you to an interesting mockumentary that I’m sure you haven’t seen, at least most of you.   Les Claypool’s Electric Apricot which spoofs the Jam Band scene.  Oddly enough for a relaxed scene they do take themselves just a little too seriously and it was inevitable that someone would have a little fun.  So carve out a couple of minutes and take a look, my DVD is on the way.

Watch National Lampoon presents Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo in Funny Videos |  View More Free Videos Online at

Brilliant move by Hyundai: Assurance a Brand Promise

Image by duncan via Flickr

The things you miss thanks to Tivo.  I rarely get to see commercials, so after surveying the content out there, I am clearly late, but I’m still going to post on it.  Ok so here is my late report on Hyundai.

Who ever this product manager in the finance group is or the promo person or the group of coworkers who were drinking and had the courage to talk about it in the morning are quite possibly some of the smartest folks on the planet.  Buy a new car without FEAR.  Trust a car company.  Buy a Hyundai, watch the commercial where they build on the previous warranty brand promise and now on a new one, your friend in hard times.  Now go get some market share!

That ad didn’t convince you? How about this one?

These people need a bonus, even it it doesn’t work.  At least they need a gift card to Chili’s.