Work Moments: Productivity and the Workplace

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This presentation provides insight into why it is so difficult to get REAL work done in the office.

The Benefits of Remote Working from CrownPublishing

I spent a good deal of time working at home. At one point when I worked at home for nearly 2 years in Michigan. While I was technically more productive, I had to make an effort to travel to Atlanta at least one a month, as possible, to connect with people for real.

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Collaboration requires the sharing of knowledge

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Starting a Collaboration Revolution from Sven
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Storytelling: The mechanics to a data driven approach

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I know we have all seen presentations and marketing efforts, like infographics, which are confusing, cluttered and just not compelling. Leslie Bradshaw’s approach to integrating data and design for storytelling in a digital world provides clear guidelines for how to balance – data, design and messaging.

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Quotes to Think About as Marketers

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While the presentation is focused on M&A considerations, I think it is a good set of quotes for Marketers and Product Managers to embrace strategically, even if some of the personalities quoted might not be a traditional source for marketers to reference.

Top 10 M&A Quotes from Firmex
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