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Music Can Change the World and Marketing: An Innovation Story

So not only do we look at lessons we learn from markets we server as marketers, we need to examine how we can do things differently and change a market based on insights and analysis of other market segments. Sometimes we need to look at our markets and look at how we might apply business models and approaches which haven’t been done before and sometime we need to starts with the history, evolution and current landscape to get full context on where innovation opportunities may exist.

Since this is a music post and maybe because it’s Friday or because I’m on my way to Austin this weekend, here’s a video to close the week as we think about looking at our markets from the cradle to where we are today.

Uh Oh, something went wrong!

I definitely don’t like when apps goof up that I am using, but I also don’t like when the product spits back something I can’t understand.  To that end, I thought I would share my two favorite error messages, since there are plenty of apps which give me strange strings which doesn’t often help with troubleshooting and can confuse a user.

Delta has this one which embraces lingo from their industry and doesn’t try to do any real explanation.

and here is my favorite from an iPhone app, My6Sense.

This is the type of stuff you get when you allow yourself not to take yourself too seriously when developing a product.  It also makes it fun to use the app and allows the user to go “yeah, I goof up too sometimes, I should expect this from the apps I use too”.