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Epic: Context Based 1 Click

Title: Kid Stop 1 Click Content
Item: E-10103
Project: Winter 2010.Unbox
Goal: Increased Profitability
Points: 17
Source: Customer Service – Finance

Parents often enable children to watch Amazon Unbox unsupervised, after all TV’s are the best babysitter, but they cannot view their videos in their Unbox account without an open session which allows for 1 click purchasing.  While the purchaser does “own” and piece of viewed content, let’s say Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, they still request a refund either online, request a credit from the card processor and impact the quality of service for other customers and increase transactional costs.

Parents and other users would like a way to manage 1 click via the individual logon or a profile setting for what areas of amazon can have 1 click enabled. Should be a global setting which could be overridden on a given session.

Innovation and the organization

Environmental Forces - influencing competitive...
Image by Alex Osterwalder via Flickr

Innovation is a key need for every business, the challenge is how can you support it within your organization. Change and execution risk vary based on the type of “command and control” structure and execution model which is in place when it comes to product and market innovation. Maybe that’s not the right phrase it/way to look at it, but if your organization isn’t nimble enough to support innovation that will definitely be a barrier to success in tough economic markets. The presentation below provides an overview of the Agile Virtual Enterprise (AVE). I think I like the acronym better than the buzzwords.