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From the Stream – i can see clearly now the PCB’s gone…

This week has been more about management and configuration than most and so far the results are rewarding. I did a great deal of random surfing, stocked up my bookmarks and got to sit by the twitter stream more than most weeks.  To that end, I thought I would fish from the stream for some content.

My blog is broken. I can’t post…. – Guy Kawasaki


Not that I’m a tech support person for typepad, but perhaps Guy could try and remove some of his ads or overly ornate widgets. Just an idea, but the Twitter stream was just chuck full of fun this week. After my remediation effort, I meandered into a fun set of tweets which allowed me to add some new folks to the line up and to see some reasonable content from Guy. I know most of the tweets are recycled truemors, shhhhh.

The best one, which improved my RSS feed list incredibly was:

this woman is funny: – Guy Kawasaki

I’m confident Jenny is probably a librarian with some strange penchant for doing friends party invites by hand in calligraphy, because she has mad caligraphy skillz and it helps drown out the voices. Her profile states she’s a Corporate Gardener/HR Analyst, her blog has a little bit of a stalker in it and a whole lot of crazy. If you are a really interesting person you may get a lock of her hair. She also blogs at momma drama, where only hints of crazy exist.

On totally different note – a tweet from maggie:

Maggie: BABYBOI plate and “I’ve got piercings in places you’d love to lick” license frame suggest that aging is gonna be hard on you.