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Blogging? Well Maybe I Will

This is a guest-post from Kim Howard who blogs at Alz You Need to Know. I’ve known Kim for almost a year now and have had the opportunity to answer questions and aid along the way.   While out to dinner in Austin a couple of weeks ago, she spoke about how much she is enjoying blogging and how it is a great outlet and when I asked Why she was blogging – she was just passionate about what she is doing.  Kim was kind enough to put a pithy piece together on why she blogs.  Since I have been watching her efforts and the ongoing progress she is making in the area, I thought more folks should know about her and her blog.   So here it is:

How did I start blogging? Well it was a process for sure and an excellent question considering that I was using dial-up just a year ago. No really! I figured who needed wi-fi when using my 1999 Dell computer with Windows 99, I certainly didn’t. Wow things have changed drastically over the past year. With wireless online, I think about what I can share with others nearly daily on my blog.

Since I am now caught up with this decade and have joined the rest of the world on the internet. I started blogging because after years of working in the world of healthcare I wanted to share my thoughts with friends and family members dealing with loved ones with Alzheimer’s. This is an area of passion for me since I have dedicated my career in recreational therapy to help improve the quality of life of patients and their families a blog seemed like a natural extension of my efforts.

Blogging may not have been my first choice, but as I investigated options, it seemed the right way to go. I wanted to build a community in which people could find solace from their stressful day as a care giver. I envisioned my blog becoming an outlet for others and a way to record stories of loved ones with AD. I want my blog to turn into a community for those in need of finding assistance with their loved one with AD. This is the focus of my efforts – a place to share my ideas and hopefully get others involved in the conversation.

I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with others and hopefully I can aid just one person – that is why I blog.