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A Geographic content confluence… 25 Geographic Blog Topics

Gravity Model

I continue to notice that there are just not enough people blogging on geography or other concepts which are moderately academic in nature. To that end I have set forth to think of 25 ideas to stimulate the hidden geographers out there, who are also bloggers and have a desire to document a sense of space. Social commentary on a geographic concepts just might be interesting and so I have put together a list of items for consideration/stealing.

  1. What is the geographic distribution of the people YOU are following on Twitter?
  2. What is the most interesting place you found on accident while on a business trip?
  3. Determine the applicability of a “virtual” [tag]gravity model[/tag] and where a [tag]meme[/tag] started
  4. A virtual survey of barn types available of [tag]Flickr[/tag].
  5. Map YOUR 2001 Summer Tour with [tag]Widespread Panic[/tag]
  6. A content analysis of blog posts tagged as [tag]Georgia[/tag]
  7. Map the places you have visited on business via [tag]Google[/tag] maps
  8. Why I don’t ever want to go to [tag]Orlando[/tag] again for a conference
  9. Determine the geographic distribution of [tag]Technorati[/tag]’s [tag]top 100[/tag] blogs
  10. Does the core periphery model apply to blogs hosted by [tag]Harvard[/tag], with Cambridge as the core?
  11. Why the view at (insert venue) makes it the best place to see live music outdoors
  12. Contrast and compare the level of education associated with bloggers in [tag]Bezerkly[/tag], [tag]Madison[/tag], [tag]Ann Arbor[/tag] and [tag]Austin[/tag]?
  13. Where is the worst place to have a conference?
  14. What airport has the best localized representation of food stuff and gear?
  15. A geographic survey of Uncle Jay’s blog roll, by type, relative to the 2004 presidential red and [tag]blue states[/tag].
  16. What cities are all of your [tag]Grateful Dead[/tag] T-shirts from?
  17. How long must one travel to consider it a roadtrip?
  18. Where are the randoms from in your [tag]Facebook[/tag] network from?
  19. Where is the best show you NEVER went to from in your live music collection?
  20. Why the roads in [tag]Boston[/tag] made me late for my customer meeting – AGAIN!
  21. Where is the best sports stadium in the world?
  22. The different between avenues and streets in NYC
  23. Where is the best place to do nothing at?
  24. A survey of cities where you actually saw more than the airport, hotel and office/conference center
  25. What is the smallest city you actually flew to and why?

Do you have a hidden geographer?

A quick note of appreciation to 3 folks that I synthesized this from – [tag]Chris Carfi[/tag] (business travel posts), [tag]Chris Brogan[/tag] (conference twitter posts and 100 list) and [tag]Jeremiah Owyang[/tag] (meme following)