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Brand Blunder: KFC in Australia forgot about the internet apparently.

Is there such as thing as a local market for a global brand?  Do local ads still exist thanks to YouTube?  Should geography influence intent?  Should the target viewers of an ad and their culture be the key consideration for intent?

While regional deltas in culture and other contextual considerations are imperatives for advertisers, all actions needs to support the brand’s promise which typically doesn’t vary by region or by the sporting season.

So the biggest challenge/conflict for the brand probably is that per Yum! Brands website, the parent company of KFC is they believe “Making progress in diversity is a business priority and the work of everyone in our system.”  So while they have estensive processes and compliance requirements for their suppliers of foodstuffs, they may not have that level of review or scrutiny for ads.  I’m thinking there is a new review process in the works at KFC/Yum! Brands and probably a new agency search underway, at least in Australia based on this cricket match commercial.