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Growing up web…

So the post below made me think of the guy who introduced me to why it is important to understand this whole web thing – Jeff Fergurson from When I met Jeff it was on a porch in Ypsilanti, Michigan at friend’s house named Mike Foster, had to be 1997 or 98 and he look like he did below, bottom right:

All I remember was the absolute kindness of the guy, his willingness to chat about his work gig and his passion for his kids. This was a guy I wanted to emulate. I was very happy when I was first able to pay him money for weather on a portal I was the PM on, we scrapped the portal and I lost touch when I left Ann Arbor in 2001 and moved my life. So I decided to look him up with a universal search query and sure enough – same cool cat.

Jeff Ferguson

only gray… I can’t talk I have some cool gray hair when I grow a beard.   I’ve linked them in through my blog for appreciation of his insights and consistent efforts towards [tag]sustainable agriculture[/tag].

NOTE: [tag]Ann Arbor[/tag] was green before [tag]carbon credits[/tag] were cool.

Top 12 update…

I promised an update on my Top 12 alert so here it is – Top 12 just isn’t done according to google alerts. I thought my last update just wasn’t patient enough – wrong. I’ve reverted to again setting up a Top 5 alert and now only look every couple of days. And this whole [tag]feedburner[/tag] thing is still a mystery to me.

I also owe another Stuck in the Middle persona, I will get on this soon and provide more [tag]marketing[/tag] content. It’s weird I’ve got my first two random registrations and an email (well a comment) on where’s the fresh content.  All I can say is working it, but check some of my other recent content from a friend on marketing.