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Who are these people and why are they following me?

So I recently hit some milestones online which I would have never thought were that interesting, until it happened. Just passed 5000 downloads of the eBook, hit 1000 followers on Twitter and just learned Spatially Relevant was on Alltop – all in the last 10 days or so. To that end, I thought I would take the time and figure out just who is in my network and understand the types of folks/classes in my network.

Pure curiosity killed the cat on this one, once I started I had to keep going since there were so many interesting posts, people and blogs which I haven’t read. I was able to find some interesting things from a data perspective, the most interesting is I probably don’t have 1000 followers, something more like 750 if you weed out some of the marketers, suspended accounts and alike. Plus this seemed at the start to be great exercise to get to know folks just a little better and I did. It was definitely enjoyable to find out more about folks and read the great content I was able to find in the network.

So What Does the Network Look Like?

So I had to figure out a way to classify folks, so I used the data on the profile. Specifically the link as the user provided on their profile as the core classification attribute. Ultimately, not all users have updated or complete profiles, but it’s the best data I have across the entire network.

Not all members of my network are linking to blogs, some have no links, others linked in, some the site of their favorite band and some for a product they are apparently selling/marketing. So links look like a good bellweather, at least in my book.

Later in the process, I started looking at follower and following ratios, but only for two classes. So I started the analysis last night and it was horribly manual. The study started when my number of followers was 1003.

The Profile Classifications

Since the only real information I could use was profile information, I was able to build 5 classes based on links – No Link, Suspended, Selling/Marketing, Blogger/Social Media and Other.

No Link – These network members have no link on their profiles.

Selling/Marketing – These users have URL’s that link to corporate websites, MLM sites, Get Rich Now and other clearly marketing or sales related content. Some users in this group may think they are bloggers, but when content hasn’t been updated regularly, they have more google ads than articles per square inch and other affiliate programs they were put in this category.

Bloggers/Social Media – This user class are for folks that linked to their own blogs, corporate blogs or their blog was 1 click away. Now there are some salesy things in this class, but if you blog everyday or reasonably frequently, you get this classification.

Other – These users link to where they worked, may have been a brand online, used facebook, resume, family website, friendfeed, myspace, YouTube or another social media profile. If a user had a link, but the site was down or the URL mistyped this class was used <10.

Suspended – You know what this means.

The Network Overview

The Numbers

Deviation from Expected Total is 28 so out of the gate I am 2.8% off of reality

Bloggers vs. Marketers

During the process I noticed an interesting thing – over time the mix of the network changed. I determined time by the pagination process, the further down in page count the older. So I decided to look the adds by the first 50% of my network or the first 487 in the sample. The first 487 essentially are the “oldest”, so when I starting on Twitter. The second 50% are the most recent 488 in my sample or those closest to page one in the “next” process.

The Table

Following vs. Followers

About a third of the way in I started to notice that Selling and Marketing folks followed a BUNCH more users than followed them. For bloggers, I noticed they were likely following less than were following them. This is a partial sample, but the averages below should be indicative for what is fairly intuitive.

  • Selling/Marketers follow 2.83 for Every 1 follower (N=74)
  • Bloggers follow 1.18 for Every 1 Follower (N=197)

Observations – NOT CONCLUSIONS

  • Skewed Blogger ratio in the first half likely driven by:
  • Early Adopters of Twitter being Bloggers/Social Media types
  • My personal choice to follow bloggers
  • Growing Use of No Link or Facebook/Others indicates less tech savvy users adopting
  • I think there was a “scripted” add process in place in the 2nd 50% to skew the Suspends, multiple users in a row were “Suspended” with odd naming conventions
  • There is a lot of people using the same stock themes, although most change from the WordPress default or blogspot default
  • There were a good deal more blogspot accounts than I would have thought
  • Typepad appears to be real minority in my network – hunch, no math on this.
  • Bloggers from outside North America have a skewed Following to Followers ratio compared to NA bloggers
  • People from the midwest seem to use MySpace more as their link, if in the other class
  • I believe I have verified 32 BOTs or bot like accounts
  • Why would you EVER link your resume??!?!?!?

Thanks to my Network

So since I’ve ultimately used your data to help move this forward and provided a label for ya, might as well provide a link. I’ve attempted to link as many bloggers as I could, in the end I started random cutting-n-pasting after like 16 hours of effort on this to have a representative sample of the whole network. So your blog may have been left off for that reason, profanity or another judgment call I made.

  1. The BusyBrain
  2. The Press Release Site
  3. Launch Clinic – Great product launch blog
  4. Team Danielle Miller
  5. WAHM Talk Radio – Author is from portland, MI. which is where I took a picture for a post I did on advertising, billboards and population
  6. Michael Patrick Leahy
  7. Dave Ferguson
  8. The Social Customer
  9. Off the Shelf – Wayne Hasting
  10. A Road ReTraveled – A Frost poem is always good
  12. Mophopro
  13. The Harte of Marketing
  14. Productivity in Context
  15. Chuck Westbrook – Multiple blogs is a challenge Chuck
  16. Social Media 404
  17. Fresh Focus
  18. Stephen Fry
  19. Rhett Smith – Co-working is definitely an interesting way to go.
  20. Propagandery
  21. Ghennipher -Social Media Spin
  22. The Social Reformer
  23. The Life and Times
  24. Craig Berntson: DevBlog
  25. U Have a Voice – Jason Tryfon
  26. Genderfork
  27. Great Green Fees Blog
  28. Muffin Bottoms – I have a Panic visor I just can’t get enough of, can’t imagine owning a White House logo hat.
  29. One Day for Human Rights
  30. Markus Egger – Sometimes a good hockey game is about as good as it gets
  31. Sharpie Blog – You NEVER can have too many Sharpies
  32. The Scratching Post
  33. Broken Doll
  34. Michael Fauscette
  35. Mike Volpe
  36. I never grew up
  37. RealPolitix
  38. Tech PR Gems
  39. Stephanie Agresta – Austin is always a good deal of fun.
  40. Idea to Ideas
  41. Jennifer Eastman
  42. John Wyatt Edgar
  43. Cognizant Frisk
  44. Mike Trap
  45. iEllie
  46. Rochelle Veturis
  47. Jason Alexander
  48. Gray Ware – The product is key and if it can make the customers feel like they are doing good – bonus
  49. Tom O’Keefe
  50. Brookes Bayne
  51. Rick Weiss – Try Guitar Hero
  52. 113
  53. “Magnet Marketing” – MLM/genius computer boy – funny.
  54. The only certainty is bad grammar – I look forward to your edits.
  55. Matthew Good
  56. I want, I got
  57. Organic Health and Beauty
  58. DCR Blogs
  59. Web Ink Now
  60. Megan West‘s Tumblr Subtextual
  61. Tina Hassannia
  62. Designer Daily
  63. Denim Therapy
  64. Silky’s Sweet Spot
  65. The Weekly Medium
  66. Steve Terlizzi
  67. Just Creative Design
  68. Kevin Law
  69. Michelle Wolverton/Chel Pixie
  70. Derek Neighbors
  71. Timeless Lessons
  72. Legal Marketing Canada
  73. Blond Over the Pond – I always try and travel on the holiday, if reasonable.
  74. From Dates to Diapers
  75. Mint Gallery
  76. Lynne Lessard – I think she really wants to be the PM of Canada
  77. Lyndsay Cabildo
  78. Chick Shopper Chick
  79. Brett
  80. Joe Castagna
  81. ICBC Law
  82. Ryan Scott Miller
  83. Mark Dykeman
  84. Trusted Ones
  85. Crafty Lil Momma
  86. Chucky Pita – Uh the earth IS getting warmer
  87. Mommy Niri
  88. Talking Shopping
  89. Launch PR
  90. Scott Johns
  91. Mara triangle
  92. Send Paper Cards Blog
  93. There is a Blog in My Soup
  94. Europe String – In for Hostel
  95. Movie Porch
  96. Think Train
  97. Because I feel like writing
  98. Northern Michigan Weather
  99. Ministry and Meteorology
  100. Kyle Lacy – You two core premises on why use an auto-responses are not consistent with my use case. I also am not sure I see Twitter as a permission based marketing tool
  101. Coaching From Spirit Challenge
  102. Zero Creative
  103. What Mati is up to
  104. Daily Paul
  105. She Just Walks Around with It
  106. Louis Gray
  107. Zoomdoggle
  108. Stark
  109. Productive Flourishing
  110. By Zarah
  111. There Goes Dave
  112. Candace Clayton
  113. Maumi
  114. Learn to Duck
  115. The Full Pint – Beer Blog
  116. Social Media Explorer
  117. Social Fishing
  118. Almost Fearless
  119. Sarah Scmelling – This I counted as a blog since it is on wordpress, has links and has access to her twitter stream.
  120. Walt Ribeiro – Can you teach me guitar online?
  121. Raj’s Random Randomness
  122. Cathy Nagle
  123. Monday Night Brewery
  124. I got My Start
  125. Karen Classic – It is What it Is
  126. Staying ALive
  127. Claudia Broome
  128. Service the Action form of Love
  129. I Choose Change
  130. Cinci Groove
  131. Learning Rails
  132. Marvel Body
  133. Corporate Dollar
  134. Lead Your Lives
  135. Fantastic Technology
  136. Tweet PR
  137. Go Swoop
  138. Morrow Bones – Indeed how is twitter going to help your company?
  139. Confident 1
  140. Eric Karofsky
  141. Social Organization
  142. Jamie Scheu
  143. Books on the Night Stand
  144. Kevin Micalizzi
  145. Google Apps Spreadsheet of Mad Men followers -Did you ever think you had dupes following you? You do, check the spreadsheet.
  146. Ming’s Secret
  147. Brand Tats
  148. Bunny Blog
  149. Phila Flava
  150. Shannon Swenson
  151. Conversational Media
  152. Caitlin G. Rosberg
  153. M Zampino
  154. Evolving Web
  155. Uptown UnCorked – This could be part of your twitter meme, just no #wishlist – just a list
  156. Mud Blood Beer
  157. Eve-101
  158. Chris Hadley
  159. Viva Visibility
  160. Confessions of a Former Fatty
  161. Get more Faster
  162. Dave Saunders
  163. Ray Wang
  164. Form Rejection Letter Theatre
  166. Richard @ Dell
  167. Wine diver girl
  168. Stasia and Bob
  169. Quirky Blogger
  170. Over the river
  171. Keith goodrum – I bet there are a bunch of captain morgan jokes here.
  172. Sandra Foyt
  173. Kent Nichols
  174. Colleen Coplick
  175. New Comm Biz
  176. Qtip
  177. Ivan Andersson
  178. This is Herd
  179. Jason Keath
  180. The Cricket League
  181. Jillette
  182. Emila
  183. Cool Mom Guide – Everyone needs a cool mom, plus a guide must be handy
  184. Gray Hat Zone
  185. Through a Photographers Eye
  186. Gail Goodwin
  187. College Football Place
  188. Blonde Fabulocity
  189. James Hervy
  190. The Architek
  191. Web Market Journal
  192. Tech Ministri
  193. The Poopie Patrol
  194. Bud Designs
  195. Jessica Knows
  196. Headphonaught
  197. Martin – Sorry about your loss
  198. Notes from the Sleep Deprived
  199. Mayhem Studios
  200. Darn Lucky
  201. Web Wide Wizards
  202. Hello Leticia
  203. i1326
  204. Daryl Lorette
  205. Shileen Nixon
  206. Good Vibe
  207. Stacey Lang
  208. Village Luigi
  209. Steve Smyth
  210. Varibatim -Variable Quotes?
  211. The Sales Blog
  212. BawstonBlog
  213. UGA Connect
  214. Wright Place TV
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  216. Mamma’s Tantrum
  217. Copywrite Ink
  218. Real Home Sense
  219. Grow Young NOt Old
  220. Ultimate Leverage Success Blog
  221. Dan the Man
  222. Doing Media
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  224. The thinking stick
  225. Hank edson
  226. Vogue Sugar
  227. Rushay
  228. John Papa
  229. Sarah Rogers
  230. Treo Bunny
  231. Enjoy Parenting
  232. Jay Arias
  233. Gina Chen
  234. Smile Ovni
  235. My Dandelion Patch
  236. Kevin Grandia
  237. More hip than Hippie
  238. Gaming Angels
  239. Life in the Labyrinth
  240. Matt culbreth
  241. Karen McMillan
  242. Girl_G_Amy – I need to try and figure out all the bands I saw, last time I tried I figured about 250 bands and about 900 shows. It includes random college and bar bands though
  243. Social Media Super Affiliate
  244. Green Living Ideas
  245. Jesse Page
  246. The Good Human
  247. Southboard
  248. Barefeet Studios
  249. NEENZ
  250. The Aptitude Doc
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  253. Funkadelic Playground
  254. Immediate Influence
  255. Connie Crosby
  256. Dog Ear Nation
  257. Magic Woodworks
  258. Beau Frusetta
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  260. Bridget Z
  261. Her Media
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  264. Cheryl Smith
  265. Lisa Stone
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  268. Five Husbands
  269. Off on a Tangent
  270. Developers Advocate
  271. dave riley
  272. Jon K
  273. DJ Flush
  274. Diana Kimball
  275. Coming to a Nursery Near You
  276. Final Draft design
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  283. A girl’s gotta spa
  284. Mark David Gerson
  285. NMP Network
  286. A Better Life
  287. Adam Cohen
  288. Nichole Adams
  289. SEO Champion
  290. Marz8
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  292. Orange Jack
  293. Frank gorton
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  344. Derek Semmler
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  347. Geek Mommy
  348. CoachDeb
  349. DOug Haslam
  350. Very Spatial
  351. Christina Warren
  352. Chris Garrett
  353. Mukund @ BuzzGain
  354. Erin Kotecki Vest
  355. Chris Brogan
  356. Jeremiah Owyang
  357. Scoble


Horribly Manual with 2 kids and 2 Dogs to take care of during the exercise, but this piece was predicated on counting by class via the “Next Page” function of Twitter under Followers. Once on a profile, I clicked the link if available, reviewed the content and classified.

4 Tabulations of the manual document used (See Below)

  • 2 counts matched and 2 didn’t.
  • 3 of the counts were done by myself
  • 1 by Em.
  • MODEL REMEDY – Split the difference of Deltas via average by class-
  • Variance by classes between 1-4
  • Total Variance
  • 6-8 or .0082%.

Rounding and averaging is your friend…

photo.jpg by you.

Pagination changes whilst I slept, ate or made sure my kids didn’t injure themselves could represent errors in count by 3 or 4 in overall sample. Meaning that during the collection process new followers were added at least 1 left (I think), but close enough for govt work or .0041% on the outside. The overall change in the network during the data collection process was 33 folks or 3.34%, this would only impact the 50%/time line buckets I suspect.

Net-Net max variance expected to be 3.61% is baseline network definition or 36 units, so yes I missed something somewhere with my sophistical collection process.

This clearly isn’t scientific, but it was fun and should be fairly representative of something. Thanks for reading and pass it along, if it is of any use.

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