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Community Gardening

Well I’ve already been able to harvest my first onions of the year and I was very excited about International Environment Day on June 5, 2005 – which is actually my anniversary. I started this piece a while back, but got stuck traveling and doing my day job. While I don’t have a big plot of land which I work, I do get some mean tomatoes, cucumbers, squash variants and a BUNCH of peppers. I like me some vegetables and am now two weeks into a local farmer’s market where I can supplement with other organic goods.

The main reason I like gardening and the farmer’s market on Saturdays, outside of getting a REAL hobby, is that it is organic, a social event and encourages biodiversity. Here are 3 main benefits of buying organic or growing your own, instead of wholesale support of traditional/high volume commercial agri-business:

  • Diversified growing of plant types aids in the recycling of soil nutrients
  • Organic gardening doesn’t eradicate insects wholesale and improves all food chain levels
  • Monoculture or only growing 1 thing consistently creates an environment that is conducive to disease pathogens.

Don’t have space of your own? There has to be a community garden you can participate in. Pretty straight forward concept. Each gardener is assigned a specific plot. It isn’t just a gardening experience you can also actually make it somewhat of a social event, I haven’t done one in like 10 years, but could be something you might enjoy.

Remember, the first part of community gardening is COMMUNITY! There’s the topical link. It also encourages shared responsibility which is a good thing. Gardeners are required to jointly maintain all common areas, paths, and borders of their garden. In addition, gardeners are expected to participate in group workdays, including their garden’s opening in spring.

50 Things I Like: An Exercise in Developing Future Content

I thought I would spend some time documenting the things I like, with a goal of identifying what I might want to write on in the future. Not unlike mind mapping, but more public – hopefully some of you will pick this up and use this exercise as well.

  1. Art – All kinds, the problem is I don’t have skills here.
  2. Signage
  3. Twitter
  4. Math
  5. Mountains
  6. A Spring Day
  7. Rocks
  8. Driving in Foreign Countries – It’s a challenge, it’s kinda like playing Gran Turismo 5.
  9. Business
  10. A good movie
  11. Trees
  12. Golf
  13. Eating outside – specifically on a Saturday in the fall at Zingerman’s
  14. Fried Cheese Products
  15. Reading a book while on a plane
  16. Home projects
  17. Gardening
  18. Maps
  19. Mojo Sauce
  20. A rainy Sunday during Shark Week – Does shark week still exist?
  21. Learning
  22. Teaching
  23. Rivers and Lakes
  24. Writing – notes to myself, email and this blog thing.
  25. Dogs
  26. Fishing
  27. Camping and Hiking
  28. Integrity
  29. Science
  30. BBQ-ing
  31. Rides in the mountains in the fall
  32. Identity Management
  33. Work – Yeah, I’m one of those – not only do I like work, I’m Puritan about it and dig my current gig.
  34. Geography
  35. Earth Science
  36. Chiropractors
  37. Astronomy
  38. Business Stuff
  39. Cool Stuff – All kinds, electronic gadgets, hats, the perfect Wok, windmills….
  40. Technology
  41. Applications
  42. Media
  43. Unions – more accurately, socialism and general economic theory
  44. Travel
  45. Education – How technology impacts education and as a discipline
  46. Sustainability
  47. Being Outside
  48. Parenting
  49. Canada
  50. Live Music