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I don’t care what you say, Glaminar is a great product name

Product naming just might be one of the most heated discussions when launching a new product to market or re-branding a portfolio.  For most marketers, product naming is rife with frustration, disagreement and perhaps a little bit of fear no matter what is driving the need to come up with new product names.  Urban legends have even  formed around  product naming ( Cheverolet’s Nova ),   so there is definitely some stress around product naming – real and perceived.

There are plenty of examples of bad product names, even Apple’s naming has been a topic of discussion with their new Tiger OS.   Thanks to a lack of things on the DVR and no satellite signal, I ran across one of the best product names I’ve heard in a while: Glaminar.

So what is a Glaminar?   Here is an ‘remixed’ overview of the product from a recent post from the Glam Fairy’s site.

Target Buyer: MUA’S (MakeUp Artist’s).

Problem: Cosmetology school rarely goes beyond 8 hours of makeup training and MUA’s need more training to be effective.

Product Overview: These classes are going to be different each and every week– bubbling over with so many topics your head will spin.  Contouring, body glow, scar coverage, tattoo coverage, beauty makeup, macro makeup, tv makeup — everything and anything that the professional makeup artist has in their arsenal of makeup knowledge.

Requirements: At each class the student will bring a model so that there is no idle time for artist’s (you wont have to work on each other).

From my perspective, some of the better product names conjure an image of a concept, a problem or the problem resolved and Glaminar kinda does all three in a memorable way.  Over my career I’ve been able to create some filter’s I run every product name idea through which might be helpful:

  • Do you have to follow the name with some sort of qualifying statement like: “It’s an anagram of X” or “it’s Danish for X”
  • Does it require an unnecessary use of colons or other punctuation
  • How could this be used in a sentence? as a verb? an adjective? an adverb?

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