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Brainstorming: The rules of the game

Everything is a process, just most of us don’t think of it that way. Creativity and innovation can follow a process as well. This presentation on brainstorming is a good primer on how to engage, what should be the ground rules and the process for closure and follow up.  In my group of friends after a bunch of brainstorming, we all send out an email that says: Here are the things which still sound good in the morning, if we all have one of the same listed, we pursue it. Not very formal, but a process, so check this one out:

2008 – Let the content storm begin!

So I got this note from a guy I know who abused me on not posting anything.  To that end, I will say – yup!  I’ve been doing other real world stuff and have apparently impressed my wife with my efforts, except I’ve been a little too busy with the [tag]iPhone[/tag].   So let’s have a great 2008 and start typing.

I decided to see what that friend of mine was up to on his blog, since I’ve been a little slack. He’s been tearing it up – with his last post on 9/9, which appears to be a [tag]Teddy Roosevelt[/tag] quote.  I want my national coney package back!

So here’s the next thing I’m hoping can take off, since I’m starting to like this facebook thing. I have a group on Software Product Management which now has people I don’t know in it!!!! The difference between this group and the one on Slideshare, SlideSouth, is that I actually told people about it.

If any of these are of interest, join and add value, since I can’t seem to do much lately.