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Great Ideas? Maybe not, but they are YOURS!

So I continue to just be so busy with life, that it is hard to keep the content comming, but true to my less fluff more value statement, I thought I would spend some time and share some topics hopefully you can blog on. I’ve already had a couple of great guest posts from folks and 2 more on the way. My thanks to the Bigg Success Show and Stephen for their efforts. I also am interested in letting folks guest post on the following topics (especially the first 9) or another topics which you feel might fit well into this eclectic mix here at Spatially Relevant:

Business and Social Media

  • What is the biggest challenge for social media for general corporate wide participation/acceptance?
  • What is the best use of social media for a business? Service, demand gen, knowledge management…
  • Our brand has been hijacked online – now what?!?!

Social Media and Ethics

  • What role do standards play in creating transparency and authenticity, if any?
  • How can identity management improve accountability?
  • What is the biggest hurdle for establishing best practices and ethical frameworks for social media?


  • How can standards assist in scaling a given activity?
  • What controls and governance opportunities exist for standards organizations/development which are NOT being pursued today in Social Media?
  • What is the value in a standards based approach?

Product Management and Marketing

  • Can a technology development model change a product or companies viability in the marketplace?
  • Who owns the product strategy – the customer, the product management or the market?
  • How can positioning and targeting of buyer persona’s improve sales execution?

Better Place Concepts

  • This <single experience> represents an opportunity for all of us to learn <X>?
  • In the last 90 days this in the biggest lesson I learned which should be shared
  • If <X> was a commonly held belief/activity/x it would be easier for everyone to <x>?

Personal Growth

  • I’m putting an personal action plan in place to accomplish <X> in the next 30 days?
  • I just realized I’m not the center of the universe, now what?
  • I used to think X was sorta important, now I think it is a requirement for a fulfilled experience

Personal Shrink (two sides to every coin)

  • I am the center of the universe, deal with it jackass.
  • If everyone would stop X, I’d be a better person
  • I can’t believe you don’t appreciate X


  • What cities are all of your Grateful Dead/Phish/Panic/Yonder T-shirts from?
  • Where is the best place to do nothing at and why?
  • What is the smallest city you actually flew to and why?

If you end up posting on one of these please link back and send me an email, I’ll do a summary post which itemizes all the blogs which posted on Wednesday and links to the posts.

If you think you have a guest post in one of these send me an email at publisher AT spatiallyrelevant DOT org.

I will schedule my guest post schedule for next saturday due to travel, so I look forward to your posts and submission by Thursday – midnight for an eligible guest post. Ok, Friday am will work, but much later than that – no promises.

So the question is – can you get listed in both the Wednesday list and the Saturday list? Yup, you just have to participate/do the work. It does have kinda of an outsourcing feel or another way to look at it is I’m going to pimp my list for you.

When you send the email for a guest post or to point me to your post on one of the above, please include the following:

Name, blog URL and Post URL – A sentence about your blog would be cool, so the folks here might want to add you to their RSS reader.

if you are interested in a guest post, just give me a sentence or two on why your should be considered along with the post you think should make it. I will post no more than 10 during the month of August.  Everyone looks forward to YOUR POV on these.

Hope this is fun and works, because I clearly would like to learn more about the folks that read my stuff and how we can as a group influence our space.


Less fluff, more value?

So I’ve spent a good deal of time talking to some people I respect and the input they have around the Social Media Club. Some great input for Sherry and Aaron and some other input that made me get more introspective than my ego likes, but ultimately that is required to get a little better and understand more.

So while doing my outreach around input on how to aid in the standards efforts for SMC, I just got smacked in the head a couple of times about my blog fluff. The problem with friends, they have no shame in calling you out… careful what you ask for…. but it made me think more abstractly about the fluff in general.

Conclusion-ish: Social media is a little fluffy – everything is fluffy clouds, rainbows and unicorns – just a little right? Just how much fluff is there in the whole social media thing? Depends on where you are I guess.

The fodder which fills my blog on my lazy days is definitely adding to the fluffy perceptions of social media. Since most of us marketers have those “ah – maybe I’ll do X today” days, we don’t need any more fluff to be added to the stereotype.

C’mon – we all get the marketers malaise. You know the one….the one that settles after the “basics” are done. It’s that whole phoning it thing that marketers get to sometimes which doesn’t help the perception of marketers. “Lazy Roboto Marketer” executing on a check list:

  • Logo – check
  • Tagline – check
  • Customer presentation – check
  • Sales needs yet another sales tool for a single account which will never be used again – check
  • Half hearted review and formatting of customized off message corporate presentation – check
  • Discount not approved – check

Oh the life of Riley indeed as a marketer. …right up until you are on that checklist treadmill again for another brand. The curious thing is the checklist for social media folks appears to be an even lazier checklist on the surface:

  • Tag some stuff – check
  • pitch cluetrain concepts again – check
  • blog post – check
  • at least 12 tweets – check
  • write the 3 comments of the day – check
  • respond to most of your email – check
  • turn grammar check on – overdue

So with all this busy work, social marketers must be doing good things. But I think there is just a bunch of filler material which is part of the social media noise out there. A good deal of this filler is from folks who are “creative commoning” their way to content and expertise. That just makes “give-away” selection look like work.. Then you look at how often do social media folks just push out fluff?   How often do you?

David Meerman Scott thinks voice is an imperative and so is focus, which is what started this post in the first place. Plus, to ROUGHLY paraphrase Carfi – “can you just give me another yonder Mountain video, it saves me time searching YouTube”. Subtle…

Well, I won’t do the ADD dance on this and take full accountability of fluff contribution to the social marketplace. As a marketer that kind of hurts my soul to type/admit, but integrity counts.

Come on feel the NOISE!

So if voice is important and so is focus, what do you do in a crowd? Well just as in real life, you find folks you know and like and strike up a conversation, regardless of how noisy it is. If you think about the core metaphor of conversation the challenge is to participate, not to monitor or metric. I spent the better part of a day this week in a Pragmatic Marketing course searching for a process, a new way to look for a return in social media and how to just plain feel good about my world view. I didn’t get it during the class, but fast forward 14 hours or so-ish……and a couple pieces fell into place….

I spent the next couple of days working on conceptualizing messaging themes, throwing concepts away, bringing them back, understanding priorities and action plans which resulted in a fairly coherent way to look at social media. What I realized is that noise is the norm, no hard metrics (yet) and no way to engage with out setting a tone/establishing a voice. Ultimately so long as your voice is heard, it doesn’t need to be accepted or even appreciated just be present and reasonable in the conversation. On many levels if your are active, responsive and REAL good things just might happen as a marketer. The voice of your brand, the voice of the customer and market are all out there, but you can’t listen if you aren’t there.

Ty Webb: Just be the ball, be the ball, be the ball. You’re not being the ball Danny.
Danny Noonan: It’s hard when you’re talking like that.

The Message is the Medium

Social media isn’t about the strategy so much as it is being part of the medium, tactics. Prior to social media marketing was far more a spectator sport. With an inside out brand reality emerging, the traditional investment and measurements just aren’t going to work. So the perceived need to relate social media to revenue, to tangible metrics or share of voice equivalent is not the right to approach it from a business perspective. Customer might be a reasonable measuring stick…

Social media’s value is sorta binary – you’re either in or you are out. Not being in the game is a clear loser. It has that old school carny “You can’t win if you don’t play” reality. So with that baseline, I was able to get over the hump mentally on metrics with 3 questions:

  1. What is the downside of participation
  2. What is the upside of NOT participating
  3. How can you remain relevant without contributing to an industry

silence is golden?

Meander to Your Message

So while I on a personal level will be reducing the fluff around here by at least 64%, I’m still going to meander around the areas interest I would like to cover. Just like in any given business process or market activity you just need to find your “flow“.

I’m still gonna do the random Wilco or Panic video on occasion, but I’m just going stop the link posts. While I don’t know yet where this is going to go and never really have, I think meandering towards a message is more important that randomly meandering to a post.

So there it is – stop the links, relax a little and communicate ideas. I’ll try my best and not contribute to the noise and make this whole social media thing just a little better. What are you doing to reduce the noise and increasing the meaning of your message?

feeling less light and airy already with my Postalicious plug-in inactive….

Principles: Shading strategy, execution and interactions

prin·ci·ple [prin-suh-puhl] –noun

1. an accepted or professed rule of action or conduct: a person of good moral principles.
2. a fundamental, primary, or general law or truth from which others are derived: the principles of modern physics.
3. a fundamental doctrine or tenet; a distinctive ruling opinion: the principles of the Stoics.
4. principles, a personal or specific basis of conduct or management: to adhere to one’s principles; a kindergarten run on modern principles.
5. guiding sense of the requirements and obligations of right conduct: a person of principle.
6. an adopted rule or method for application in action: a working principle for general use.
7. a rule or law exemplified in natural phenomena, the construction or operation of a machine, the working of a system, or the like: the principle of capillary attraction.
8. the method of formation, operation, or procedure exhibited in a given case: a community organized on the patriarchal principle.
9. a determining characteristic of something; essential quality.
10. an originating or actuating agency or force: growth is the principle of life.
11. an actuating agency in the mind or character, as an instinct, faculty, or natural tendency: the principles of human behavior.
12. Chemistry. a constituent of a substance, esp. one giving to it some distinctive quality or effect.
13. Obsolete. beginning or commencement.

14. in principle, in essence or substance; fundamentally: to accept a plan in principle.
15. on principle,
a. according to personal rules for right conduct; as a matter of moral principle: He refused on principle to agree to the terms of the treaty.
b. according to a fixed rule, method, or practice: He drank hot milk every night on principle.

The funny thing about principles is that not only is the construct so nuanced that it supports 15 different dictionary use cases, but we often forget iT shades most daily actions. I was reminded of this throughout the week based on three different interactions within multiple settings – professional, social and familial. The trifecta of situational proof points that principles could be seen as an individual’ personal acceptable use policy.

Each situation for each participant is shaded by not only personal experience/biases, but constrained to the context of one’s principles. A friend has told me time and time again, your “world view” impacts your reactions and others reactions to YOU. For example, my view of productivity and follow up is not the same as others or vice versa. which while circular logic is the recursive spiral many interactions get into because of core DNA differences with folks. At times you just can’t connect your idea, emotions or actions toward what may or may not be common goals. Ultimately, how does an individual internalize a strategy, a brand or an action plan in the marketplace or in a cohort group is often the common thread of miscommunication between folks, as least that’s my lesson of the week around principles.

To effectively lead, manage or interact this is a baseline reality is often forgotten and overlooked, MYSELF included. I find myself not asking enough questions, but instead interpreting reactions and actions within how I would see/feel on a given topic which is more of an anchor than way to move forward and drive change. So my personal and career challenge to myself of week is to use my ears more than my mouth and to ask questions as to why something isn’t as effective as I thought it would be, rather than to make assumptions based on my own understanding/filter.

I think with this approach then perhaps I can avoid the pitfall of the best laid plans going awry. So now I think I have 101 things to be thankful for.

I really get excited when life hits you in the head with a blunt object and make you realize the best thing is that we are all different and bring different view, strategies and tactics.

For me it’s those situational reminders which provides clarity on things. I think I’ll read the 4 agreements again.