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Old School Marketing for Social Media Type Stuff

So I went to check the mail the other day and yet again some random person put something in my “please pick my mail, OH Mr. Attentive Postman Person flag”.    Normally all of the unwanted hang tags and cards go straight to the trash.   The main driver is these are typically for services I already have a vendor of choice for or I don’t need any trees trimmed, wouldn’t even imagine why painting my walls with toddlers/kids and I am pretty sure I don’t need any more Pampered Chef items, but this one was different – it was for a blog (  So I didn’t throw it away instead I took a photo and decided to write a little.

Promotion is Hard Work


Who WOULDN’T give this sorry little cartoon character a minute and turn over the card, so I did on the way to the garbage can – stop not a service provider, a writer!  Come to find out it is a blogger, trying to sell his wares sorta door-to-door in a bad economy.  How bad?  Well apparently beef jerky bad.

photo.jpg by you.

In the end, social media isn’t killing old ways of doing things it is only changing how/where we do it.    As marketers, we will continue to create content, continue to advertise and we will continue to be challenged to covert interest into motivation to buy.   Buyers are people and the more you can touch them the better, so integrating your online channels with the real-world marketing is an imperative for your brand.   I know this is pretty self-evident, but I’m always a little amazed at how hard it is find a product’s website on their advertising and packaging, but Brent Basham gets it – no single channel is independent or works in today’s marketplace.

So a brand managers, find a way to get your online identity on packaging and all advertising.  As product owners we need to find a way to get your product’s story integrated into as many of the online activities/channels as possible.