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Really? Kinda has a social media revival feel to it

This has been a fairly hectic month – new job, looking for a new house, scurrying around for mountain social and but I was lucky enough to be on the CRMA panel which turned out to be a great event.   The panel included super talented folks like Brent Leary and Cassandra Jeyaram which made the discussion very engaging.   The event had like 50 folks and it does seem that this social media thing is just at the edge of significant economic impact.   Intercontinental has launched a friends and family program which effectively turns everyone in the company into lead gen ambassadors.  Interesting stuff is afoot in the marketplace.  Brands are engaging in social markets, but by the questions and general interest in the room it appears that many are just starting.   I’m definitely thankful for the opportunity to have been there.

Net-Net: The event surprised me by the number of new folk I had seen at this event and was able to meet.  It’s interesting it seems like there is a new wave of folks getting engaged in the conversation.   There was one odd thing, just kinda a vibe in the room that a bunch of folks seemed intimidated by the opportunity to hang out thier customers.  Perhaps the level of maturity of social media is a little nascent than I would have thought.  Not to go all Breaking Dawn on ya, but it seems social markets are transitioning brands into modern day economic vampires – you sorta need to be invited in.

Back to the preso, which is how the post started.  Despite the claim that it’s not just another social media presentation by a social media expert, it kinda is.  It does at time get a little evangelical, but it is definitely a fair piece walk through as a primer.

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