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Lee White

Definitely A Product Manager Type

So I found this presentation on Better decisions and thought this is an effective set of constructs for consideration for product managers.  I then quickly thought “I bet this some recently unemployed data driven Product Manager”. I was wrong – project/program manager type in IT, but close.

When the better decisions presentation ended, it showed related posts and show me a presentation on Slideshare which was Lee White’s resume, the creator of the Decision preso.

Lee is the recent founder apparently of Decisions 3D and recently unemployed. While I don’t know Lee and have no insights into his skills, I think he might want to look at being a product manager of a late stage product which just throws off cash. You got one for him? Here is his resume – this whole using social media to provide access during the job search is a great emerging phenomenon. I get to see some of his work, look at his resume, read his blog and easily contact him. What a cool thing.