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Civil Product Management: Libraries are cool man

Not every product manager is a so titled person, often the have other titles like Mayor, Transportation Director or Superintendent of school system. Basically most public administrators are a product manager of some sort. Customer satisfaction, increased value, decreased cost and an improved perception of security.

The Library: An Undifferentiated Product in a late stage market

I came across a pitch David Lee King of  Topeka and Shawnee Public Libraries did and I have to suspect that being a library science guy and sustaining relevance in today’s content rich internet is though. The product manager of the library is the type of gig that is heavy on the product marketing activity for a couple of reasons:

  • Late stage market
  • Commoditized product
  • Instant Gratification options

The only real thing a library has is the tactile part and the smell, both which are fairly weak distinctive competencies.  I mean libraries don’t even have discounting and pricing dials to turn really.  At the end though, I was wondering what the value add was besides chillin with my laptop on a hill in a grassy field.