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Lessons Learned: Go literary all over their a@$

So I find that sometimes going literary is an interesting thing to do in the [tag]workplace[/tag], if nothing else it shakes out the unread.

Go forth and quote in emails, casual conversation and leverage obscure [tag]Dennis Miller[/tag]-esque word choice, the old school witty Dennis, not the mean one.

Please note: Not this type of literary, this is just way too much!  Be well read – not all applied critical thought and stuff, this will only get you on a [tag]RIF list[/tag], but you may get a textbook out of it..  Just think critically and all will be well.

Lessons learned: No means NO!

The more I write, the more I find I have to say, unfortunately not everything fits under the Stuck in the middle umbrella, so I’ve created a new category – Lessons learned. This came from a guy I worked for and required a formal documentation and remediation plan on not so perfect execution.   A lesson learned document/process is essentially required when a [tag]train wreck[/tag] has occurred. I however will use Lessons Learned for snippets of hopefully meaningful content.

The most powerful word for your career is no. The lower in the organization you are the more documentation you need to maintain a no, but a series of thoughtful of no’s may actually change your level.  A successful no helps build confidence, credibility and organizational effectiveness.