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Simplify your marketing with automation?

B2B marketing is changing based on new technology and processes which businesses need to support for their customers.  A recent article by Lauren Carlson, who covers marketing automation at Software Advice, posits a bunch of stuff around macro trends influencing market, 2 of which are spot on which marketers in B2B need to think about as they look to deploy marketing automation and scrm solutions:

Sales cycles are longer in a down economy.

Under adverse economic conditions, buyers are less inclined to purchase – plain and simple. Even when there is a clear business challenge and a solution with real ROI, tight budgets create hesitation on the part of the buyer. Therefore, sales professionals are faced with increasingly risk-averse prospects whose buying time frames are longer. Marketing automation tools supporting drip marketing campaigns and lead nurturing can build relationships with buyers during a longer sales process.

B2B sales processes are becoming “consumerized.“

According to Peter Sondergaard, SVP at Gartner, consumerization is a significant trend that will affect enterprise IT purchasing this decade and beyond. What does that mean? Business buyers are demanding that their enterprise purchase process be simplified to match the consumer purchases they make in their private lives. They demand coherent pitches, simplified pricing, rapid implementation and ease of use. Moreover, they don’t want to have to interact with sales every time they want information. Marketing automation plays a critical role in supporting self-service sales interactions.

B2C just might be the new B2B……   read more of Lauren’s piece at: