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PowerPoint Guidelines: Font Usage, Animation and More

A little fun on PowerPoint.   During a presentation this week, I was reminded of this video from Don McMillan.  I’ve booked Don McMillan for a user conference once, not only does he know how NOT to use PowerPoint, he’s very effective with it as well when doing a keynote.

Kinda Dilbert live with a LCD Projector, a Microphone and a copy of Microsoft Office.

Slides do make a difference

So Keith’s post on supercharging your PowerPoint got me to thinking, I mean I was thinking real hard and crappy slides do make for a bad presentation – even if you are an expert and entertaining.  I think sometimes, no slides might be better.

Take a look at these two geography slide sets – which lecture would you rather listen to? I think you could tell the same story with both slide sets, you may need to move the order around a little in the photo version though.

or this text filled one?