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Sometimes it’s good just to go back to the basics

So I don’t share a whole bunch around here, in fact this is my third post but I found this set of lectures which you might want to click through.  I’m always on the look out for reasonable content to share with my clients and wouldn’t you know a client pointed me to these so here you go.  While there are some typos and hanging thoughts, it’s worth the clicking and 6-8 minutes to go through, I couldn’t imagine the 4 hours it took the presenter to click through.

So what is marketing?

What are the Core Marketing Concepts? So I’m curious why the 4 P’s are in there, but it works still.

Marketing Management – Please note, “de-marketing” is not something I’d recommend or even heard of before looking at these slides and I cannot imagine the budget required to “reduce” demand.  I’ve been in some bad segments before, but not once had I wanted less demand.

Lecture 4 – Here is where things get a little less valuable, but it’s only a 2 minute click through.

I’ll check out lecture 5, but in general this is a good baseline for those that are looking to explain some concepts, not actions or implementation models, just concepts.