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5 Gardening Tips for Growing A Corporate Bloom

So Seth, by way of Chris got me to thinking about development again this week and how every person has the opportunity to improve the workplace and EVERY person can help identify and develop talent. Corporate gardening is no simple task – it takes diligence, collaboration and nourishment. I don’t think Corporate Gardening is the sole domain of HR – it should be a requirement for the whole organization and HR should provide the infrastructure and tools to enable corporate gardening.

Organizational Horticulture

A rich and fertile cross functional resource landscape is required to maintain a green workplace. Growing organizational talent requires a passion to create opportunities for expansion and growth throughout the entire organizational field. This means exposing folks to right the amount of career specific opportunity and sponsored industry access and participation. If your people don’t get out – you might have good skills and some reasonable gardeners, but most will be more mechanical robotrons, rather than folks working towards their master gardner certificate.

Hi, my name is R57200, a product management robotron. I create tables with requirements, complete checklist and draw childish diagrams. Proficient at email. Give good meeting.

So I had to dig back into a lecture from over a decade ago for a class I can’t remember (sociology, psycology, other?!?), to identify a model which could be updated to be in context of Corporate Gardening. The not so random framework is – Bloom’s Taxonomy. The base framework is below:

5 Corporate Gardening Tips

  1. Provide liberal access to resources, the leadership and cross boundary functional interaction.
  2. Empower creativity as much as delivery
  3. Saturate the organization in opportunity – developmental programs and benefits.
  4. Trim as required for a vibrant bloom and organizational balance
  5. Fertilize with cool swag and open conversations