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ProductCamp Vancouver: Define your career roadmap!

Thanks to all who voted and attended.   Appreciated the discussion and insights from the folks in the room.  Ultimately, you are responsible for your own career path and development.  Take stock in your personal career strengths, identify your career roadmap and the areas you are going to invest in for yourself.


Manage your career like a product!

If you would like to get more insights into the typical activities, areas of ownership and in general the state of the union for technology product managers, take a look at Pragmatic Marketing’s 2011-2012 Annual Survey for technology product manager and product marketers.

Spring Camping Begins!

I was just looking at my schedule and noticed I have a good deal of time on the road with Product Camps which is always fun.  I’m looking to be at 4 PCamps in the next 3 months.

ProductCamp Vancouver: This is next week already!  (Saturday, March 17) Looking forward to being out west and catching up with Stuart and team at the SFU Graduate School of Business in downtown Vancouver.

ProductCamp St. Louis: April 21, 2012.  This will be my first time to St. Louis in a really long time and I’m looking forward to it.   I also think this is the first one, if I’m correct.  It is nice to see Product Camps sprouting up all of over the place.

ProductCamp DC: I’m looking forward to attending at my second PCampDC on May 4 and catching up with folks like Pradheep Sampath, Shardul Mehta and the other folks I met last year.

ProductCamp Boston:  I’ve never been to PCamp Boston, but I’ve been watching them online via Twitter for couple of years, so definitely looking to be in Boston in the spring, which is one of the best times to be there. So with good weather, people and content this should be a good camp to attend as well.

Hope to see some of y’all on the road, cheers!



PCamp Minnesota: See You Thursday!

This week’s travel brings me to Minneapolis and the folks from the ProductCamp are getting together.  If you are in Minneapolis on Thursday I hope to see you there.

Many thanks to Barry and Jennifer Doctor for again getting the Product Management and Marketing community together to talk shop.  I hope to see you there, below is an overview from the invite:

Join us for the first ever ProductCamp Happy Holiday Hour. If you were at ProductCamp last month, one of the big takeaways was to always keep your network alive. Here is a chance to hug old friends and shake hands with new ones in a very casual, festive environment. It is another chance to work on building a vibrant, local product community.

AT: St. Louis Park Woodfire Grill, 6501 Wayzata Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55426  http://www.slpwoodfiregrill.com7:00 PM – 9:00 PM



Hope to see some Spatially Relevant readers there!