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19 Feeds for ProdMgmt, Product Marketing and Marketing Operations types:

So I got asked yesterday about what blogs I read and I could only spout out 3 or 4 with fully qualified domain information, which sucks because there are so many good blogs in my feed already which I couldn’t really remember.   So while I was spending some time catching up on my reading,  I’ve also created a lists of  folks continue to influence me around product management and marketing:

  1. Ivan @ The Productologist:
  2. Cranky:
  3. Stewart @ Strategic Product Manager:
  4. Paul:
  5. Steve @ Product Marketing –
  6. @sehlhorst:
  7. CC @
  8. Cottmeyer @
  9. David:
  10. Duncan @
  11. Dr.:
  12. Bob Corrigan:
  13. Dunford:
  14. @jbrett –
  15. Meerman @ Web Ink Now:
  16. Web Product Blog:
  17. Carfi:
  18. DH:
  19. Agile Executive Guys:

There are some other resources you can use to find which may be relevant to you as a product management/marketing manager which you may or may not already be aware of: