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Full Disclosure – Bad spellers untie

Since there are a considerably more readers these days, I thought I would piece together a thanks for stopping by piece, but got distracted with this email. I got a slideshare notification on someone putting a pitch in a group, so I thought I would I’ll look at the preso again. Glad I did – not only did I get to reminisce on the salad days when I had more time. I also got to find out I have a spelling error.

So now I have a topic of sorts – bad spelling and slides. At the end of the day – I haven’t been able to fix the error so it will live on the interweb forever. While I will admit an error, I’m not going to let you know exactly where the error is. C’mon – transparency can only go so far. (Hint: I before E, except in words like neighbor or their.)

On a technology note, I think slideshare is one of the more interesting widgets available for blogs. It offers something more visual for my blog and it is within my skill set.

So can look for the error or look at some other folks slides on if you haven’t used slideshare before.

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So there are probably spelling errors in a couple. 😉