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Great Ideas? Maybe not, but they are YOURS!

So I continue to just be so busy with life, that it is hard to keep the content comming, but true to my less fluff more value statement, I thought I would spend some time and share some topics hopefully you can blog on. I’ve already had a couple of great guest posts from folks and 2 more on the way. My thanks to the Bigg Success Show and Stephen for their efforts. I also am interested in letting folks guest post on the following topics (especially the first 9) or another topics which you feel might fit well into this eclectic mix here at Spatially Relevant:

Business and Social Media

  • What is the biggest challenge for social media for general corporate wide participation/acceptance?
  • What is the best use of social media for a business? Service, demand gen, knowledge management…
  • Our brand has been hijacked online – now what?!?!

Social Media and Ethics

  • What role do standards play in creating transparency and authenticity, if any?
  • How can identity management improve accountability?
  • What is the biggest hurdle for establishing best practices and ethical frameworks for social media?


  • How can standards assist in scaling a given activity?
  • What controls and governance opportunities exist for standards organizations/development which are NOT being pursued today in Social Media?
  • What is the value in a standards based approach?

Product Management and Marketing

  • Can a technology development model change a product or companies viability in the marketplace?
  • Who owns the product strategy – the customer, the product management or the market?
  • How can positioning and targeting of buyer persona’s improve sales execution?

Better Place Concepts

  • This <single experience> represents an opportunity for all of us to learn <X>?
  • In the last 90 days this in the biggest lesson I learned which should be shared
  • If <X> was a commonly held belief/activity/x it would be easier for everyone to <x>?

Personal Growth

  • I’m putting an personal action plan in place to accomplish <X> in the next 30 days?
  • I just realized I’m not the center of the universe, now what?
  • I used to think X was sorta important, now I think it is a requirement for a fulfilled experience

Personal Shrink (two sides to every coin)

  • I am the center of the universe, deal with it jackass.
  • If everyone would stop X, I’d be a better person
  • I can’t believe you don’t appreciate X


  • What cities are all of your Grateful Dead/Phish/Panic/Yonder T-shirts from?
  • Where is the best place to do nothing at and why?
  • What is the smallest city you actually flew to and why?

If you end up posting on one of these please link back and send me an email, I’ll do a summary post which itemizes all the blogs which posted on Wednesday and links to the posts.

If you think you have a guest post in one of these send me an email at publisher AT spatiallyrelevant DOT org.

I will schedule my guest post schedule for next saturday due to travel, so I look forward to your posts and submission by Thursday – midnight for an eligible guest post. Ok, Friday am will work, but much later than that – no promises.

So the question is – can you get listed in both the Wednesday list and the Saturday list? Yup, you just have to participate/do the work. It does have kinda of an outsourcing feel or another way to look at it is I’m going to pimp my list for you.

When you send the email for a guest post or to point me to your post on one of the above, please include the following:

Name, blog URL and Post URL – A sentence about your blog would be cool, so the folks here might want to add you to their RSS reader.

if you are interested in a guest post, just give me a sentence or two on why your should be considered along with the post you think should make it. I will post no more than 10 during the month of August.  Everyone looks forward to YOUR POV on these.

Hope this is fun and works, because I clearly would like to learn more about the folks that read my stuff and how we can as a group influence our space.