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Stories, Marketing and personal bias – OH MY!

Most marketers apply their personal biases to initiatives. These biases are created through experiences – personal and professional. Whether a bias is earned from lessons learned or a personal “style” element – it often manifests in the types of channels used, the tactics used and which of the 4 P’s is central to the brand. With that as a baseline, I found this interesting pitch entitled – “Writing Customer Stories”. I wanted to know more about customer stories. The pitch is below that has no real content to drive the talk track, although it has one. I clearly had a personal talk track on it prior to listening and good thing, click through first WITHOUT AUDIO. Think about the story you have – then listen LISTEN to the audio. (I know this post has a bad email forward feel)

So do you think this person’s bias is radio? It’s was so much cooler in my head. I think I might could even pitch those slides and potentially it would even work, without a single edit, but I’m confident my story/pitch would deviate in key themes and messages based on my preferential biases and after listening – I KNOW THAT. Oh the stories we conjure as marketers.