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Spring Camping Begins!

I was just looking at my schedule and noticed I have a good deal of time on the road with Product Camps which is always fun.  I’m looking to be at 4 PCamps in the next 3 months.

ProductCamp Vancouver: This is next week already!  (Saturday, March 17) Looking forward to being out west and catching up with Stuart and team at the SFU Graduate School of Business in downtown Vancouver.

ProductCamp St. Louis: April 21, 2012.  This will be my first time to St. Louis in a really long time and I’m looking forward to it.   I also think this is the first one, if I’m correct.  It is nice to see Product Camps sprouting up all of over the place.

ProductCamp DC: I’m looking forward to attending at my second PCampDC on May 4 and catching up with folks like Pradheep Sampath, Shardul Mehta and the other folks I met last year.

ProductCamp Boston:  I’ve never been to PCamp Boston, but I’ve been watching them online via Twitter for couple of years, so definitely looking to be in Boston in the spring, which is one of the best times to be there. So with good weather, people and content this should be a good camp to attend as well.

Hope to see some of y’all on the road, cheers!



Is it just me or is there a bunch of events going on?

There are no shortage of events going on for product managers and marketers.  So what’s going on?  A flurry of ProductCamps are on the schedule, along with regional talks and a conference on Innovation.

If you are interested in going to a PCamp, a complete list of schedule camps can be found at  I hear there even is a Vancouver in the works for 2011 from one of yesterday’s commentators here..

Here are a couple of other events which you might be able to catch online or if you are in Vancouver:

Pipeline 2010: This is a virtual meeting of folks who will be speaking on the best practices of innovation, product development, and product portfolio management.  Some of the speakers include – Chris Trimble, Braden Kelley, John Milburn, Maureen Carlson, Steven Cristol, Bill Poston…. This event is hosted by Planview on November 10, 2010

British Columbia Technology Industry AssociationThe November 16th session focuses executing on your strategy in trying times.  The session will be lead by Barb Nelson.

Technology Association of Georgia PM Society – The November 10th meeting is focused on Developing Product Strategies That Align With Corporate Strategy.

See you at Product Camp in Raleigh/RTP!

Getting geared up for PCamp RTP, if you are in the Raleigh area you should try and make it down.  ProductCamps are a great way to meet other PM & PMM folks in the area and learn some best practices along the way.  Here is what Nicole Krug thought of a previous camp in RTP.

Date: 10/30
Time: 8:00 am

Hope to see you there!

3rd time’s a charm: ProductCamp Atlanta is Back! Saturday 8/21/10.

Even though summer is almost over, it’s time for summer camp.  With the second PCampATL behind us this winter, the 3rd installment is rapidly approaching for technology Marketers, Product Marketers and Product Managers.  I’ve had the opportunity over the last couple of weeks to work with the team to put together the plan and help with organizing the latest Product Camp and it’s definitely going to be another great opportunity to learn, share and volunteer.

A big thanks needs to go to Jason Brett, the founder of PCamp ATL, who spent his weekends over the past year traveling around to see how things are done at other product camps (Product Camp SoCal and Austin) around the country in an effort to make this one even better.

Need some more information about what a ProductCamp is? Take a look at Paul Young’s overview.

So here are the details of the event:

When: August 21, 2010 from 9 AM -5PM, but breakfast starts at 8:30 AM

Where: GTRI Conference Center, 250 14th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318

I look forward to seeing you there!