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Place: Belize

I’m thinking I don’t recall Belize as being so rough, but then again it was like 14 years ago. Hope you are able to be traveling thing summer, I have some mad travel coming up for work and I’m actually looking forward to it. Haven’t been on the road for a while and em and I are sneaking to some where in Central America in early September it looks like for a long weekend.

Welcome to Belize City by afagen.
Belizean House by The Brit_2.
DSCN1382.JPG by jac currie.

Brilliant move by Hyundai: Assurance a Brand Promise

Image by duncan via Flickr

The things you miss thanks to Tivo.  I rarely get to see commercials, so after surveying the content out there, I am clearly late, but I’m still going to post on it.  Ok so here is my late report on Hyundai.

Who ever this product manager in the finance group is or the promo person or the group of coworkers who were drinking and had the courage to talk about it in the morning are quite possibly some of the smartest folks on the planet.  Buy a new car without FEAR.  Trust a car company.  Buy a Hyundai, watch the commercial where they build on the previous warranty brand promise and now on a new one, your friend in hard times.  Now go get some market share!

That ad didn’t convince you? How about this one?

These people need a bonus, even it it doesn’t work.  At least they need a gift card to Chili’s.