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It’s official! I suck

That’s right – honesty is the best policy. So in full disclose this is Just a traffic update, yesterday was the worst traffic this blog has had since I’ve been paying attention! (Nov. 07). That’s right, celebrate the little things, because it appears y’all are transitioning to rss readers. Thanks team!

Maybe it is that no one is searching of relevant terms for what I’m writing about, so let’s highlight the top 10 search items, since we have analytics.

  1. bob’s ichthyosaur – A Great book and apparently the top search term.
  2. what is scientific management – High school students everywhere are googling.
  3. twing – Very cool, cool people
  4. mbifm – A made up acronynm, which apparently means Member of the British Institute of Facilities Management.
  5. calculating gross margin
  6. danielle pribbernow – Chick on the Check out blog, wonder if it’s just her searching on herself? Way too much traffic for a Wal-Mart employee. No I mean WAY TOO MUCH.
  7. dijouri – I made up this name for my second son, 12 years old. I think this IS my son searching on himself or people trying to figure out if I made up his name or people looking for movie made in 2003.
  8. things i am thankful – This is encouraging.
  9. afro – Right on.
  10. giggly quotes – Who searches on giggly quotes?

So if you don’t find anything interesting above interesting, perhaps one of the top 10 “trafficked” pieces, mainly produced via keywords – which you will notice via the relationships between keywords above and titles below. That being said,I REALLY am partial to the Stuck in the Middle series — and — I like the Mosaic piece the most, mainly because it plays well in my head. Yup, I’ve sucked you into a replay post, but a replay of posts everyone else seemed to like too, or at least this is 10 most visited posts here.

  1. Lessons Learned: What is scientific management
  2. 100 Things I am thankful for… – A thanksgiving post
  3. Spatially Relative: A community’s place… – A piece about a book I read
  4. About – Self-explanatory
  5. 5 Ways YOU can launch a Twitter stream remediation program – geeky thing I wrote and scoble called it geeky, that scoble effect is a real thing.
  6. Lessons Learned: How to calculate Gross Margin
  7. 10 Themes and concepts for YOU to blog on
  8. 10 Tips for dealing with the fact that you will never leave your Job
  9. WANTED: Social Media Antagonist
  10. The Death of Marketing? Mix it up.

Hopefully the new folks that have added me to your reader find some of these interesting. Cheers!

Influence Networks?

A little too much time on my hands and just a little bit of data, armed with just that I went to thinking. I was able to get a front row seat for influence in action yesterday by random happenstance and journaled it. Networks are interesting things, Andrew Baron is selling his twitter account. Could be a new market and what is the value?

What is the value of a social network? Depends on the influence, Andrew’s account is currently >$1000. Wonder what Scoble’s would be worth?