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Slides do make a difference

So Keith’s post on supercharging your PowerPoint got me to thinking, I mean I was thinking real hard and crappy slides do make for a bad presentation – even if you are an expert and entertaining.  I think sometimes, no slides might be better.

Take a look at these two geography slide sets – which lecture would you rather listen to? I think you could tell the same story with both slide sets, you may need to move the order around a little in the photo version though.

or this text filled one?

Community, Tribes and Research: Odd Combo

Deloitte’s study focuses on better understanding the value of community. With a hybrid approach of quantitative and qualitative research they had the following pool of respondents:

  • 400+ companies – Consumer packaged goods, Software, Hospitality, Insurance and just a bunch of other segments
  • Communities ranged from <100 members to more than 1 Hotel chains million members
  • Revenues <$1 million to >$40 billion

So as you can see with this sample the mindset of the responses are more or less all over the place. Tactical to Strategic, Growth to Stagnant, Hopeful to Pragmatist. I’ll take a good all over the place sample over a hyper focused group of people like me anytime.