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Pangea Day – Super Continent, Super People

I just Just found out that yesterday was the first ever Pangea day. Plate techtonics and subduction will continue to change the morphology of the earth and is an unstoppable force, so is compassion.   What is subduction, it’s a geology thing, but it is also could be a metaphor for things that suck up time and energy – the forces that move us every day.  Formal definition:

Subduction is the process in which one plate is pushed downward beneath another plate into the underlying mantle when plates move towards each other. The plate that is denser will slide under the thicker, less dense plate. Faulting occurs in the process. It is the process in which rocks break and move or are displaced along the fractures. The subducted plate usually moves in jerks, resulting in earthquakes. The area where the subduction occurs is the subduction zone. A long, narrow, deep depression forms in this area. It is called an oceanic trench.

I try my best to not put long videos on my site, but I’ve been watching this 25 min piece and it’s worth it for a geologist, geographer or just the plain person.   Pangea day is a great concept that we are all sisters and brothers on a single planet.  So you don’t have 20 mins?  Well, carve it out, any video which opens with Desmond Tutu has to be good.

Want to find out more about Pangea Day? It’s a day of film and sharing, so find a way to put this concept in action,  Be more empathetic and more understanding of the diversity and adversity that exists on our planet. Find a way to give back.