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A Litmus Test: Transitioning Technology to Product

I haven’t spent much time doing pure play product management posting in a while, so I thought I would today. I’ve been doing a bunch of leisure surfing and looking at a bunch of great stuff online and challenged myself to think about what it takes to transition a technology into a product. While I didn’t come to a great deal of conclusions, I think I’ve come up with some reasonable litmus tests for consideration:

  • Does your product have more defects than enhancement requests?
  • Can the users manage their own product experience?
  • Does everyone tell the same story about the product inside your organization?
  • Do customer users out number the support staff?
  • Can your product be contracted the same from sale to sale?
  • Are your training materials for the organization more lengthy than the prospect presentation?
  • Do you use the words scripting and framework more than configurable?
  • Does a product error message require research from development or is it in the knowledge base?
  • Are there more sales tools for the product than product managers?

What questions do you ask about your product?