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Will convergence drive specialization?

I typically dislike predication posts, since many of them are a rehash of buzzwords without any meaningful insights or strategic extensions of what many of us have been reading on tech crunch for years. The 2012 Predictions I’ve read are pretty cookie cutter for the most part. If you haven’t read them, let me do an overview for you on 99% of them:

  • Cloud
  • Facebook Killer
  • The Year of Google+
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 3
  • Smart Phones
  • Android
  • New Buzzy Thing
  • blah

Frog Design took a different and refreshing approach to the formulaic January content creation from many with their slides.

The presentation below is probably one of the most thought out set of trends in technology which may or may not happen in 2012, but directionally I think this presentation from Frog Designs is moving right way based on what I’m seeing in organizations.



A Technology roadmap of sorts from Cisco: 10 Tech Trends for the next 10 Years

While I’ve often found it tough to look 2 years out from a roadmap perspective due to the change in tech, Cisco has put forth 10 key trends in technology which will drive change over the next decade.  I clearly think most are valid, I’m encouraged by a big tech brand investing in social research for the community.



10 Myths of Innovation

The other side of innovation provides some interesting insights on how to drive innovation through to execution. The most interesting piece on what not to do is:

  • Don’t work with insiders
  • Don’t use existing processes
  • Don’t use existing metrics

If you are focusing on innovation you need to not be constrained by current people, processes and systems.  Here are also 10 myths of Innovation from the presentation:

  1. Innovation is all about ideas
  2. The great leader never fails
  3. Leaders are only fighting the system
  4. Everyone can be an innovator
  5. Innovation happens organically
  6. Can be inside an establish organization
  7. Requires wholesale organizational change
  8. Innovation can only happen in Skunk Works
  9. Innovation is unmanageable chaos
  10. Only start-ups can innovate

Oh yeah, here’s the presentation.


Fun: Bug vs. A Feature

I came across this picture again today.  Haven’t seen it in a while, so  I thought I would share it for those which may not have come across it already.