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10 Themes and concepts for YOU to blog on

This is essentially a list of some ideas which have been sitting on my iPhone for a while.  I’ve even gone as far as crafting 3 drafts which have been drafts for over 6 months.   To that end,  I would like to share these blog project concepts for YOU to use.  Below are the ideas for you to blog on.

  1. Can sales grow a market? – A concept of how sales activity can influence not only a single entities execution in the market, but actually GROW a market.  This could be any functional group – marketing, customer support…
  2. Marketing as Geography – What are the common themes and areas of expertise shared across discipline.
  3. Business Travel Best Practices – Would be cool to have some very bTravel oriented lifehacks. I bet other people would dig this as well.
  4. How do you explain social media to friends? – What is your elevator pitch when explaining social media. Can you get it narrowed down to 140 characters?
  5. The 3 differences between product management and product marketing – plus or minus 2.
  6. Share YOUR 3 Favorite blogs no one knows about – Who, Where and Why
  7. The current state of X is unsustainable – Business practices, political activities, environmental actions…..
  8. My favorite country to visit is XXX? Business travel or vacation destination, you don’t even have to have been there, just explain.
  9. Share 3 wordpress template authors: Finding templates are a bear, who do you like? let folks know.
  10. Is business blogging effective? How do you see this phenomenon? What are the key metrics to track? Is the ROI really the return on influence?

If you find one of these useful, consider linking back to spatially relevant as I would like to see what great ideas you share.