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100 Things I am thankful for…

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Afro Kid

So while I had some down time, I thought I would do a post that really only means something to me, but I also thought it would be fun to share. So here are 100 things I am thankful for:

  1. My family
  2. The coffee pot being full when I wake up – thank you digital coffee pot
  3. Rain in Georgia – yes it is RAINING!
  4. The bar at the W on Times Square – the best place to people watch I think
  5. [tag]Live Music[/tag]
  6. Our babysitter, who allows us to see live music
  7. Not having to drink the last inch of a beer
  8. Tivo
  9. The grilled cheese sandwich I had at Kingston Station on Tuesday – [tag]Gruyère[/tag] mmmmm
  10. A cab driver who doesn’t talk to me
  11. The fact that I almost know how to get around [tag]boston[/tag] now.
  12. My new years eve tickets for [tag]Widespread Panic[/tag] for me and my friends
  13. My children
  14. Kids with Afros – see above
  15. [tag]Flickr[/tag]
  16. My dogs
  17. Cool maps
  18. A night at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta
  19. [tag]Sancho’s broken arrow[/tag] in [tag]denver[/tag] – could be the best bar on the planet.
  20. Watching kids have fun – see below
  21. Reading on a plane
  22. A nice pair of new socks
  23. Good [tag]movies[/tag] on a rainy day from on demand
  24. My mentors (Ron, Ken, John and Jim)
  25. My fraternity brothers – go [tag]sigma pi[/tag]
  26. Lazy afternoons at Turner Field, few things are more relaxing
  27. The DVD player in our Van – what did I do without one, the DVD player, not the Van
  28. A day on the beach
  29. Looking at the stamp on my passports and thinking about the places I’ve been
  30. Not having to travel to LA that much, I just don’t like LA
  31. The fact that I have never made [tag]Platinum Medallion[/tag] on Delta
  32. The first night on a new pillow
  33. The comments and track backs my readers provide, I think I’m over 30 regulars now.
  34. The closeness that [tag]social media[/tag] provides with my extended network of friends
  35. Looking at my setlists on [tag]Everyday Companion[/tag]
  36. That logic mostly wins
  37. When I have more that two beverage choices in my refrigerator
  38. The Onion
  39. Amazon [tag]Unbox[/tag]
  40. Emily’s cooking, specifically her pork paprikash
  41. When Hadrian smiles
  42. The day that Jeff said I should shave most days and dress a little better – good advice for everyone I think
  43. The day I decided to give this whole blog thing another chance and started spatially relevant
  44. The [tag]Chicago Institute of Art[/tag]
  45. My crown room membership – TV, free soda and WiFi
  46. That Jen is a great mother of Kevren and Dijouri
  47. My college friends I never seem to catch up with Patti, Drake and Michael J.
  48. My [tag]iPod[/tag]
  49. Everyday I have the opportunity to learn something new
  50. [tag]Google[/tag] for creating [tag]google reader[/tag] – what a time saver!
  51. A nice day on the [tag]Bruce Pennisula[/tag]
  52. Any day I can find my slippers
  53. [tag]American Express[/tag] Rewards – I get things I would never spend real money on.
  54. My Bose headphones
  55. [tag]Jaco[/tag] [tag]Costa Rica[/tag]
  56. When I get upgraded to the big seats on a long flight
  57. When I don’t forget my mom’s birthday (apparently 2007 wasn’t one of those years – sorry mom)
  58. Not having to travel for Thanksgiving this year
  59. That I still have my atlas from my 18th birthday
  60. All the great friends I have in Atlanta
  61. That I have in-law’s that will come to Georgia anytime to babysit so Em and I can travel
  62. Waiting at a random train station in a foreign country and trying to figure out where I’m supposed to be and when I’m supposed to get off the train since no one speak English and the signs are in the local language.
  63. When my kids brush their teeth without me reminding them
  64. When Emily calls bullshit on me – I guess that’s why I married her
  65. The AJC sports section and TV game clips so I can have something to talk about to Georgia Bulldog and SEC fans
  66. Shrek 1, 2 and third – toddler crack let me tell you.
  67. Watching Dijouri skateboard
  68. Watching Kevren “aggressive inline” skate
  69. Watching Prescott drool when watching a movie
  70. When Burning Down the House comes on my iPod
  71. That most people are thoughtful and kind
  72. A $1 grilled cheese sandwich from the heart and made with love in the lot at a show
  73. having very athletic kids – sometimes NOT being like your dad is a good thing
  74. teamwork makes the dream work!
  75. Sometimes a cliché just works – I mean there has to be a reason they exist
  76. The day I installed firefox, got a flickr account and a [tag]twitter[/tag] account – what a great day!
  77. The day I realized that art is as meaningful as science.
  78. Any day I get to golf – the extent of my being athletic
  79. Quiet time just spent remembering past experiences
  80. When the batteries died in the toy saxophone Jeff bought for Prescott
  81. Clearing security at ATL Hartsfield in under 10 mins
  82. Moments when I have the clarity of thought to acknowledge that I can’t control what happens – only how I react
  83. That I almost have the right tools for nearly every job
  84. For the people in Dallas which have let me go through toll road 2 times without paying
  85. When dinner is actually delivered in the 45-50 mins as predicted by the order taker
  86. Every time I type a message on my blackberry which has all the words, correct spelling and reasonable grammar
  87. Big brothers being patient with their little brothers
  88. When my friends are willing to help me on stuff and are willing to let me help them on stuff
  89. A short line for check in at the [tag]Marriott[/tag] Marquis when I get to NYC at 11PM and want to sleep
  90. having nothing left on my itinerary, but having another 4 hours to slack
  91. Grilling outside in the winter, not a Georgia winter, but a snowy Michigan day
  92. An unplanned weekend in the mountains – you decide at noon and your in a cabin at 6PM.
  93. That it all works out in the end
  94. The burn that happens in your throat when chugging a coke on a hot day
  95. No traffic on GA 400 when going home from a business trip
  96. A burger from the Barley House
  97. A perfect steak with a bottle of [tag]Silver Oak[/tag]
  98. That a Little Caesar’s just opened by my house
  99. The Big Chill soundtrack
  100. Any opportunity to share, listen and be with people I care about

I probably have another 100 things I should be thankful for…. What are you thankful for?

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